Saturday, January 31, 2015

SM Supermalls supports LED technology

 Photo courtesy of Active Rain

When it comes to lighting technology, LEDs are the future. LEDs (or light emitting diodes), are steadily being used by commercial establishments here and abroad owing to their energy efficiency and low maintenance cost. In fact, US’ Environmental Protection Agency said that they also last significantly longer than incandescent and fluorescent lights, and generate very little heat.

Led Parking Indicators
LED parking indicators serve as an easy way to find empty parking spaces in SM Mall's Carpark Building. SM Supermalls has chosen to follow the trend, beginning with its parking spot indicators that shows you if a sparking space is still available or not.

It is easier to locate available parking spaces through its green and red light indicators - green for empty; red for occupied. Those devices are built with LEDs that provide savings to the mall in terms of power usage. Consequently, this lighting system also creates fuel savings to customers by helping them ease their way into parking spaces, without the need to drive around and around needlessly.

 Photo courtesy of Hungry for the World

Just last year, I got curious to how this LED light indicator works. I was waving my hand around the area of one parking space and moving around it just to detect up to where the light censor could scan. The green light won't change. Until I found out that beneath the light is the only space it could detect. I actually stood below it and the green light turned to green.

 Photo courtesy of EMTEQ

Benefits of LED Lighting:

Quality: long life, easy installation, less time down, reduced inventory

Safety: shock resistant, low heat, no bulb breakage

Aesthetics: continuous lighting, color consistency

Nature: environment-friendlym less fuel usage, less waste

 Image courtesy of Light-Tech

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