Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Five Levels of Cisco Certifications

Photo courtesy of Cisco 1900

The information technology field is a growing field that is heavily in demand. There are five (5) different levels of Cisco certifications that are available for individuals that wish to be a part of this in demand career field. The five different levels are entry, associate, professional, expert level and architect level

In order to be classified into one of these levels, an individual will need to take a certification test that proves that they can provide the services that each of these levels require applicants to provide. Based on the level of certification that you have, the amount of money that you can make while employed in the field will reflect what your skills are. 

An Cisco entry level certification allows individuals to enter into the exciting world of information technology. Individuals that have a Cisco entry level certification know the bare minimal things that they should know to be able to perform various tasks.

On the adverse side, a Cisco associate and professional are intermediate roles. Individuals that have already received a Cisco entry level certification can choose to further their careers by obtaining associate or professional certifications. The individuals will need to have more skills, and they will need to be able to showcase that they do. Because it’s a popular test, sites like Testsforge, offer you the study material to make sure that you have all the notes and preparation before you take the exam. Ensuring that you will pass!

Cisco experts and architects are extremely advanced certifications. The only way to qualify for these Cisco certifications is to have experience in the field, and already possess both an entry level and an associate or professional certification already.

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