Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Colt 45 celebrates brotherhood with Sanib Pwersa campaign

Colt 45 embraces  a new trend that fosters a kind of brotherhood among friends and drinkers with its new campaign “Sanib Pwersa” (literally means "Combined Forces") or “brewed for brotherhood” as it re-introduces the beer brand to the country.

To Colt 45, Sanib Pwersa means more to Filipinos than just a simple hand gesture among friends. It represents sincerity and loyalty among the people who deserve to be called their “bros” or “brads,” a privilege that is earned and proved over time.

Sanib Pwersa Campaign
“The new Colt 45 was brewed with brotherhood in mind from concept to conception. Embracing the idea of celebrating brotherhood allowed us to revolutionize the brand’s flavor to optimize sharing, place the fist-bump on our labels to symbolize brotherhood and work with great brand ambassadors to help make the spirit of Sanib Pwersa come to life!” says Greg Anonas, Asia Brewery Inc. (ABI) Marketing Manager for Alcoholic Beverages.

At the heart of the Colt 45 reintroduction is the product’s reformulation into the perfect beer for sharing. “We've improved the overall beer experience by using more aromatic hops, reducing bitterness, and bringing out its roasted malt flavor using our signature triple-hopping process. The result is a more flavorful beer that has more character and is closer to the ideal,” shares Asia Brewery Inc. (ABI) Brewmaster Dr. Alberto Rivera.

SANIB-PWERSA by Raymund Marasigan at Abra (Cobra 45 Official MTV)

Colt 45's New Brand Ambassadors
Inspired by Colt 45’s new look and ideology, Filipino hip hop/rapper sensation Abra and Filipino rock icon Raymund Marasigan, Colt 45’s latest brand ambassadors joined forces to write a song about “Sanib Pwersa” in record time, celebrating the depth of friendship and brotherhood the new Colt 45 encourages.

Raymund says, “It is always a delight to sing songs that celebrate the Filipino, and in the case of Sanib Pwersa, we celebrate the brotherhood that is uniquely ours. Sanib Pwersa is about the story of Filipino brotherhood. How each and everyone contributes something to the table and how great things happen when you and your bros come together.”

Abra was excited to do this collaborative project because this is his first time to do rap & rock genres combined .

The all-new Colt 45 is now available in 7-11, Padi’s Point, major supermarkets, and sari-sari stories across the country for a suggested retail price of Php 21 per bottle.

Make sure to use the hashtag #sanibpwersa

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