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Top 20 Countries with the fastest internet speed (January 2014 vs. July 2013 study)

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has released its latest study on the top 20 countries in the world with the fastest internet connection speed. In his article, "Where to Find the World's Fastest Internet: Top 20" published on January 28, 2014, writer Mark Milian listed down the Top 20 countries with comparison to his findings in his article, "Top 20: Where to Find the World's Fastest Internet," published on July 23, 2013.

In a similar study conducted by Statista in its infographic measuring the 2nd Quarter of 2013 performance, South Korea and Japan placed 1st and 2nd spot respectively, while Hong Kong placed 4th.

In comparison to Statista's study, Bloomberg's July 2013 study shows that 5 countries made it in the Top 10 list, namely: Romania, Singapore, Israel, Bulgaria & Belgium. Unfortunately, United States, one of the powerful countries in the world, was only in 11th place. In their January 2014 study, Taiwan that didn't place in the Top 20 previously, ranked 8th this time, while United States moved down to the 13th spot.

Hong Kong proved to be consistent in the Top 1 spot, whereas South Korea improved from 4th to 2nd place. Singapore is getting stronger from 6th to 4th place. Latvia, The Netherlands, and Belgium still remain in the Top 10.

Please see Bloomberg's 2 sets of list below.

(January 2014)  
Top 20 Countries with the fastest internet speed :
1. Hong Kong
2. South Korea
3. Japan
4. Singapore
5. Israel
6. Romania
7. Latvia
8. Taiwan
9. The Netherlands
10. Belgium
11. Switzerland
12. Bulgaria
13. United States
14. Kuwait
15. United Arab Emirates
16. United Kingdom
17. Canada
18. Czech republic
19. Macau
20. Sweden

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(July 2013)
Top 20 Countries with the fastest internet speed:
1. Hong Kong
2. Japan
3. Romania
4. South Korea
5. Latvia
6. Singapore
7. Switzerland
8. Bulgaria
9. The Netherlands
10. Belgium
11. United States
12. United Kingdom
13. Israel & Hungary (tie)
15. Czech Republic
16. Sweden
17. Portugal
18. Canada
19. Poland

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