Sunday, August 4, 2013

10 Reasons for High Speed Internet

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For internet users contemplating on signing up for internet service, there are many factors to consider when making a final decision on the best internet provider to pick. Internet speed affects cost, and you may find yourself eyeballing your checkbook to weigh those costs carefully against your bottom line. Do you really need high speed internet? There are many reasons to consider it:

1. You are an internet junkie. You find any excuse to get on your computer to check social networking sites, current events, shopping, and more. If you just can't get enough, high speed internet can make this time more enjoyable.

2. "Free" Wi-Fi isn't all it's cracked up to be. How much are you saving using the "free Wi-Fi" at your local hot-spot after you've purchased that $6 coffee? Multiply that times the number of trips you make a week, and you can likely cover high speed internet costs. You can also skip the frustration of going to a hot-spot only to find that service is down or moving in slowly.

3. Commercials stink, but buffering is worse. Slow internet connections that result in buffering issues will have you ripping out your hair. Those 45 minutes of "The Walking Dead" you've been dying to see are really going to be a nightmare if you have to wait every 30 seconds for content to download. If you stream regularly, splurge on high speed.

4. You love working from home. The ability to work from home is a huge benefit of internet technology, but this opportunity could become jeopardized with poor video conferencing and email lag issues resulting from slow connections.

5. Gaming lag. It is hard to be in the moment with online gaming when your controls are either slow or unresponsive. Having the right internet speed for online gaming ensures lag issues are not internet service related.

6. Long distance relationships. Long distance romances, family members overseas, and traveling spouses all benefit from high speed internet as a means of communication through e-mail, social networking, and video chatting.

7. You NEED the latest Stuart Weitzman (girls) or Patek Philippe (guys). If you are an online shopping aficionado, it is hard to locate the latest items or best prices when each page takes minutes to load. A slow internet connection can really take the fun and convenience out of online shopping.  

8. Internet use in your home suffers from "rush hour." If more than four people in your family use the internet simultaneously, high speed internet is a must have to avoid reliving those "MOM - IT’S MY TURN!!" moments from your past. With the number of smartphones, tablets, and game systems used in homes on the rise, so is the necessity of high speed.

9. You kids homework occupies more than time. Even if you aren't suffering from internet rush hour, you may not be able to stream or surf the web if your child is struggling through doing schoolwork online for the tenth night in a row. High speed gives you more options.

10. Talking is more fun face to face. There's a reason applications like Skype and Facetime are fun to more than kids, however poor picture and voice quality resulting from slow connections can really ruin the experience.  

Consider how often you use the internet and what you want out of the experience before making a final decision on high speed. Cutting back on your internet speed to save money may end up costing you.

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