Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Shell Ferrari Lego Cars

Shell and the LEGO Group have created six (6) of the most enigmatic and unique models associated with Ferrari racing. These are:

Ferrari F40 
One of the most recognizable sports cars of all time. Its classic aerodynamic form and distinctive square rear spoiler are both instantly identifiable and are translated perfectly with LEGO bricks.

 Ferrari F40 - left view

  Ferrari F40 - right view

 Ferrari F40 - back view
 Ferrari F40 - front view

  Ferrari F40 - Lego parts

  Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta passo corto (SWB)
A real legend of the motoring world; not only one of the most beautiful vehicles ever created, but also the first Ferrari road car to use disc brakes. Its distinctive round headlights work seamlessly in LEGO bricks, mirroring the beauty of the original

   Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta - right view

    Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta - right view

    Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta - front view

     Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta - back view

  Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta - Lego parts
Ferrari 458 Italia
Arguably the most iconic car in the current Ferrari range, making it a natural choice to be part of this promotion. The LEGO Group have pulled out all the stops to reproduce its signature details from a triple exhaust to multi-LED front lights to create an authentic and exciting toy.

 Ferrari 458 Italia - left view

 Ferrari 458 Italia - right view

  Ferrari 458 Italia - front view

 Ferrari 458 Italia - back view

  Ferrari 458 Italia - Lego parts

Ferrari FXX
The latest high-performance racing evolution of the Ferrari Enzo, one of the most powerful cars in the world. The LEGO version comes in black livery and reflects much of the Ferrari FXX’s sleek styling.

 Ferrari FXX - left view

 Ferrari FXX - right view

 Ferrari FXX - front view

Ferrari FXX - back view

 Ferrari FXX - Lego parts

Ferrari F150° Italia
A LEGO Group reproduction of the race winning 2011 F1™ car includes the options to change the livery to that of either Felipe Massa or Fernando Alonso.

Ferrari F150° Italia - left view

 Ferrari F150° Italia - right view

Ferrari F150° Italia - front view

Ferrari F150° Italia - back view

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