Saturday, August 11, 2012

Word Analysis: Guni-Guni vs. Guniguni

"Guni-guni" should not be spelled with a hyphen in the middle. It should only be: GUNIGUNI.

In English, GUNIGUNI means presentiment, apprehension, figment of the imagination, fancy/something imagined, hallucination, illusion, mistaken perception, imagery, phantasm, phantom.

We only put a hyphen to a word being repeated (inuulit na salita) if the word can stand on its own. For ex:
gabi-gabi, araw-araw, buwan-buwan, taon-taon. So if we spell GUNIGUNI with a hyphen, then GUNI should have its own meaning.

To the new film of Lovi Poe, they should change their posters. I saw 2 kinds of spelling in their posters: (1) Guni-Guni; (2) Guni Guni. Both are incorrect.

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