Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mr. Brazil is Mister International 2011

Mister Brazil Cesar Curti was declared Mister International 2011 (6th edition). Curti bested all other 30 gorgeous candidates from around the world held at the Patravadi Theatre in Bangkok, Thailand on December 17, 2011.

Curti is a model, actor, singer, musician and composer. He stands 6'1" in height. Mister Philippines Fhrancis Lopez placed 16th in the competition.

Other winners: 1st runner-up is Mister Czech Rep (Martin Gardavský); 2nd runner-up is Mister  Indonesia (Steven Yoswara); 3rd runner-up is Mister Vietnam (Le Khoi Nguyen); and 4th runner-up is Mister Sweden (Marco Djelevic Virriat).

List of Winners:

Mister International 2011: Brazil  - Cesar Curti
1st runner up: Czech Republic - Martin Gardavský
2nd runner up: Indonesia - Steven Yoswara
3rd runner up: Vietnam - Le Khoi Nguyen
4th runner up: Sweden  - Marco Djelevic Virriat

Top 10:
6. Mexico - Sergio Filipe Melendez
7. Venezuela - Jeefry Rommel Rojas Torres
8. Slovenia - Zan Cvet
9. Korea - Ji Sung Oh
10. Slovak Republic - Jakub Murko Lorencovič

Top 16:
11. Nigeria - Kenneth Nwadike
12. Denmark - Mads Madsen
13. Norway  - Danielsen Nikken
14. Sri Lanka - Anuj Ranasinghe
15. Colombia - Carlos Paez
16. Philippines - Fhrancis Lopez

Fhrancis Lopez (Philippines) 

Special Awards:
Mister Congeniality: Portugal - Fábio Duarte
Best Body: Sweden - Marco Djelević Virriat
Mister Photogenic: Sweden - Marco Djelević Virriat
Best National Costume: Thailand - Direk Sindamrongsi

Mister Internet Popularity:
 Indonesia - Steven Yoswara
Dream Man Award:
 Brazil - César Curti
Health Man Awards: 
Costa Rica, Erick Martinez 
Czech Republic, Martin Gardavský

Most Handsome Man Award:
 Denmark - Mads Madsen
Most Cute Man Award: 
Korea - Ji Sung Oh
Most Popular Man Award: 
Mexico - Sergio Felipe Meléndez

Photo Credits: Mister International Facebook Page, Thai Catwalk, 
The Stunning Angels Facebook Page, Art Style Asia

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