Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bloggers meet "My Househusband" director, Joey Javier Reyes

OctoArts Films presents My Househusband as an official entry to the 37th Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) 2011 starring Ryan Agoncillo (Rod) and Judy Ann “Juday” Santos (Mia), directed by Jose Javier Reyes. It is a story about the life of husband and wife who exchange roles - Rod stays at home while Mia works.


Last November 3, 2011, bloggers had a chance of having a meet-and-greet with Direk Joey which was held at Dulcinea at Tomas Morato in Quezon City. He was sharing his new film project and his experience working with Ryan, Juday and others.

Ryan points out that the film is not about the husband being an andres de saya. “He still gets to wear the pants in the family except that he also dons the apron come meal times,” he shares.

Direk Joey has already worked with Ryan and Juday in Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo (2007) and Sakal, Sakali, Saklolo (2008). Both films were topgrossers during their time and hopefully this new film will have the same reception from the Filipino audience. I have seen Sakal, a light comedy film entertaining for the whole family.

“We’ve been married for two years now so we know exactly what marriage is about unlike in previous films where it was purely acting,” Ryan says. They now have Yohan and Lucho in their family so they know how to be parents in the movie.

“Direk Joey is a cool guy. It’s very easy to work with him provided that you come to work prepared, which should be the case anyway. He knows how to strike the balance between maintaining a happy set and keeping everything running with clockwork precision,” remarks Judy Ann.

Reyes has been in showbiz for a long time now and has worked with hundreds of great actors. I asked him if there are actors he had worked with before and would like to work with again now, he says, among many others, "It would be Maricel Laxa, Lorna Tolentino, Dawn Zulueta and Janice de Belen."

For male actors, Reyes says, "I would love to work with Gerald Anderson, John Lloyd Cruz and Aga Muhlach."

"My Househusband" Trailer

Out of the 64 films he directed, he wrote all of the screenplays except for three (3) films: 9 Mornings, Emma Salazar Case and My Househusband. The latter, Reyes explains, "was originally written by my friend Mel del Rosario and which I revised for the purpose of the festival."

When he directs actors for a film or TV, he gives the actors freedom to work their way for each scene and he expects that actors do their part. "I'm not going to act out for them. It's a collaborative effort. I give them my requirements of a scene. You show me what you can do with it as actors," he asserts.

Watch My Househusband in theaters nationwide beginning December 25, 2011 for the 37th Metro Manila Film Festival.

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