Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Smart b-Code experience at SM Cinema

Smart subscribers can enjoy movies at SM Cinemas with free tickets and other treats using the b-Codes. A bCODE is a combination of numbers, letters, signs and sometimes icons. This bCode needs to be scanned at the SM Cinemas using the bCode machine to avail of your chosen treat - a movie ticket, a popcorn, a drink or a discount coupon which you can purchase other selected items included in this promo.

Please refer to this post to have a better understanding how this promo works.

Initially this whole process is difficult for me to understand because of the various steps to be followed. If you have been a Smart subscriber for a long time, then maybe it’s time to check the points you can use for free treats.

I went to SM Sucat Cinema on October 3, 2011 to try this out and everything was just easy to follow. I wanted to watch No Other Woman, but the only movie I could catch for the last show was Johnny English Reborn at 9pm. I had no choice but to watch it anyway. Rating for the Film: 2/5.

Johnny English Reborn trailer

Step #1: Text POINTS and send to 9800 for free to check the number of points that you already have.

Reminder: Do this step prior to going to the Cinema, to check if you have enough points to avail of a treat.

Step #2: Text REWARDS and send to 9800 to know the items you can redeem.

Reminder: When you receive the options of items you can redeem, I would suggest that you take note of the codes (in correct spelling) because you would need those on the day you are at the cinema.

After scanning the bCode for FREEMOVIE, the machine then shows you this.

Step #3: You need to type in the correct b-Code to redeem items and send to 9800. These are:

Reminder: You can only text in the specific bCode if you’re already decided when to watch the movie and avail of the treats. Because the bCode, once received in your cellphone, is valid only within 7 days.

After pressing OKAY, the machine shows you this. The machine prints the coupon.

Step #4: Each code that you receive must be scanned by placing your cellphone screen on the bCode machine and you will be prompted by the machine screen if you’d like to accept or reject by pressing OKAY or CANCEL.

The coupon is being released by the machine.

Step #5: If you choose OKAY, a coupon will be released by the machine indicating the item you have chosen. Get the coupon.

(left) coupon released by the b-Code machine; (right) movie ticket.

Step #6: Exchange the bCode ticket for your chosen treats. Proceed to the ticket booth for your free movie ticket, then proceed to the food stall for your free popcorn, drink or discount for other food items.

After scanning the bCode for free POPCORN, the machine then shows you this.

After scanning the bCode for free DRINK, the machine then shows you this.

The coupons released by the bCode machine: free DRINK & free POPCORN.

Hope you could try this out too and treat yourself using your Smart bCode points. Enjoy the movies, only at SM Cinemas!

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