Wednesday, September 21, 2011

BookLikes, a new social networking platform for all book lovers

There are so many social networking sites created for a specific purpose - like films, visual art, music, parenting, teaching, dating, or even sex. But if you're a book lover, where can you find good titles in an ocean of books across the globe until you rummage in the book stores or libraries yourself? Even if you know the titles of books, how would you know if they fit your interest, your taste for the word?


Book lovers have joined forces to share insights about the books they read and with this, you can also engage with other bibliophiles & bibliopaths all over the world.

This is where BookLikes comes in. It's a complete web service for book lovers to find and share information on the books they love the most. BookLikes allows you to see what others have read, are reading or plan to read. I'm an addict for books and I'm excited to try this. Get the best reading experience with others.

Jeffrey Powers interviews David of BookLikes [TechCrunch Disrupt]

Immerse yourself in!

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