Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Rizal Awards: Call for Nomination

In history, we look at the significance of all the people who fought for the freedom that we are all enjoying now. We look at their contributions to society, what made them distinct and what made them particularly special. Out of the hundreds of heroes, popular or unsung, who risked their lives for the country’s freedom, one person stood out with his writings and inspirational ways. - Dr. Jose Rizal -  

This year, as we celebrate 150 years of Rizal’s greatness, the National Historical Commission of the Philippines calls for nominations to the Rizal Awards. It is being extended to individuals and groups that:

(1) Spearheaded projects that  support the Rizalian concept of love of country and fulfillment of our duties of citizenship;

(2) Achieved meritorious individual recognition in various professions, which promote, teach and disseminate the same through proven competence leading to the general benefit of the individual, community, and the country at large in the light of Rizal’s teaching and way of life; and

(3) Promoted and encouraged civic and citizenship responsibility as model citizens—incorruptible patriots with the virtue of resisting temptations and misuse of wealth, influence, rank, or power.
The Rizal Awards is divided into two categories: individual and organizational.
  • Ten Filipinos and three foreigners would be awarded in the Individual Category.
  • Ten institutions, societies, or organizations that qualify in the terms stated would be awarded in the Institutional Category.

“What strikes me most about the man, every time I read him in a different stage of my life, whether as a Filipino, or as a historian, I have a different reading of him. Every time I come into contact with something he has said or written, there’s something new that resonates. There is much to learn from him,” says Dra. Serena Diokno, Chairperson of the National Historical Commission of the Philippines.

If you believe that a person from your community, organization, or company deserves to be  a recipient of the Rizal Award, then send your nominations  to the NHCP Office or  e-mail them at on or before March 15, 2012.

To know more about Rizal@150 and the Rizal Awards, log on to or call the National Historical Commission of the Philippines: (632) 524 9952.

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