Friday, April 1, 2011

Lenten Specials of Angel's Pizza

Angel's Pizza, one of the best local pizza chains in the Philippines, offers a great treat to everyone for the Lenten Season. For those who practice no meat eating during Lent (every Friday and Holy Week),  Angel's Pizza's offering this year is a must-try to fill up hungry stomachs. The food tasting event was held at Angel's Pizza in Ortigas, Pasig on March 22, 2011.

Angel's Garden

Angel's Garden pizza will always be part of my All-Time Favorites. I love the combination of the ingredients packed with mushroom, green bell pepper, tomato, onion & mozzarella cheese. This will also be perfect for vegetarians.
Price: Php275 (Medium), PhP385 (Family), PhP455 (Big Family)

Tuna Pesto

It's my first time to try Tuna Pesto in a pizza. It has tuna all over, mushroom, onion & mozzarella cheese. If you love tuna, this is a great try.
Price: PhP515 (Big Family)

Tuna Pesto Pasta in a Dough

Tuna Pesto Pasta in a dough is also a unique offering of Angel's Pizza because it is actually pasta in a pizza dough. It has pasta noodles, tuna, green bell pepper & mozzarella cheese. 
Price: Php199

Shrimp Pesto

Shrimp Pesto is a thin crust pizza with shrimp in pesto sauce and mozzarella cheese.
Price: PhP515 (Big Family)

Spicy Tuna

I also like Spicy Tuna because I love spicy foods. And when you still dip it in hot sauce, that's a volcanic eruption in your mouth! It has tuna, corn, green pepper, onion & mozzarella cheese.
Price: Php275 (Medium), PhP385 (Family), PhP455 (Big Family)

Pizza galore

Tuna Pesto Calzone

Tuna Pesto Calzone. This type of Calzone pie is great to the bite. The bread is packed with tuna pesto fillings. 
Price: Php85
Other Calzone pies are: BBQ Chicken and Ham, Beef & Mushroom. 

Potato Tots
Price: Php55

We also had a chance to have our pizza customized by choosing any 4 ingredients we like. It was very difficult to narrow your choices into 4. But I ended up with: Ham, Pepperoni, Onions & Green Bell Pepper.

My pizza when it's still raw.

My pizza when it's cooked.

There are 9 branches of Angel's Pizza. To order, check the nearest branch of Angel's Pizza in your area.

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