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Catch "Camelot" on AXN Beyond beginning April 4, 2011

AXN Beyond has launched Camelot, a new TV series about the tale of King Arthur. This exclusive press screening launch was held at My Cinema in Greenbelt 3 on March 31, 2011, hosted by Richard Herrera and Kat Alano.

Camelot is a dark and gripping tale on the medieval legend that was never told.  This story somehow deconstructs the Arthurian legend that we have once known. So it’s better to leave behind the King Arthur stories that we have learned in high school, because it will be a totally different tale. It traces the rise of young king Arthur as he struggles to unite a kingdom torn by war, deception and betrayal.

Kat Alano & Richard Herrera in medieval attire

Camelot will be shown on AXN Beyond starting April 4, 2011 (Monday). It is the first drama series on AXN Beyond to have a simulcast across Asia in the same week as its U.S. broadcast. 

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 The bloggers

Camelot Teaser

I have been a big fan of medieval TV series such as Rome, The Tudors, Spartacus and the likes. I love these stories because of their breathtaking production, beautiful script, superb casting and spectacular direction, cinematography and editing. Camelot will be another hit TV series that can dive into the consciousness of every TV fanatic. What makes Camelot intriguing is its supernatural element incorporated in the story. It makes me wonder how this King Arthur story would go as it unfolds every week.

 The bloggers ala King Arthur

Also, another reason why these kinds of TV series keep me interested is the productions' faithfulness to the story and culture and the kind of life the characters have lived in the distant past. It is really a good collaboration among the creative and the production team, plus the cast of each show.

The Camelot TV series stars Jamie Campbell Bower (Sweeney Todd: the Demon Barber of Fleet Street, The Twilight Saga: New Moon) as King Arthur himself, Eva Green (The Golden Compass, Casino Royale) as Morgan, half-sister of King Arthur, and Joseph Fiennes (FlashForward, Shakespeare in Love) as Merlin.

Joining the stellar cast are: Tamsin Egerton (St Trinian’s, Keeping Mum) as Guinevere, English actress Claire Forlani (Meet Joe Black) as Igraine, Arthur’s birth mother, and Canadian actor Peter Mooney (Falcon Beach) as Kay, Arthur’s adoptive elder brother and loyal knight.

Camelot Trailer #1

The kingdom of Camelot teeters on the edge of turmoil when King Uther Pendragon is suddenly murdered through supernatural means. Sorcerer Merlin (Joseph Fiennes) arrives too late to  save the dying king, but dark visions compel him to install Uther’s secret son – hidden at birth and brought up as a commoner – as heir to the throne. So begins the rise of the young and impetuous Arthur (Jamie Campbell Bower) as the new king.

Allying with dark supernatural forces and the kingdom’s enemies, Morgan, Arthur’s beautiful but ruthlessly ambitious half sister (Eva Green) – responsible for Uther’s death – wages a bitter war against him to claim the crown.

In such trying times, Arthur finds the innocent yet strong Guinevere (Tamsin Egerton), a beacon in the darkness and inspiration for him to grow into the king he has to become. Guided by Merlin’s magical foresight and belief, and aided by his brave knights, Arthur sets forth to bring justice, hope and freedom to a kingdom corrupted by violence, greed and despair.

is shot on a budget of almost US$50 million, with up to 400 cast and crew members involved. The 10-part TV series is a production of GK-tv (co-produced by an Irish and Canadian creative team), the television division of Graham King and Tim Headington’s GK Films. It is created by British screenwriter Michael Hirst, (TV series The Tudors and movie Elizabeth: The Golden Age), and written by Chris Chibnall (Torchwood and Life on Mars).

Camelot Trailer #2

Camelot was shot amid stunning scenery in County Wicklow, Ireland, including on location at the stately Luggala Castle and the magnificent Powerscourt Estate. Dubbed the "Garden of Ireland” at the eastern frontier of the country overlooking the Irish Sea, County Wicklow, with its breathtaking rolling hills, was also where hit period drama series The Tudors was shot.

Chris Chibnall drew his inspiration from Thomas Malory’s literary classic Le Morte d’ Arthur. He  assured that viewers of Camelot will not miss out on signature events and characters, such as the ‘sword in the stone,’ the ‘Lady of the Lake,’ and the happenings of the Round Table – but it will be a different take altogether.

Thanks to Penshoppe & L'oreal for sponsoring the event!

Camelot premieres 4 April 2011 in the same week of its US debut
Airing Mondays 9pm (SG, MY, PH, HK)/8pm (JKT)
First and exclusively on AXN Beyond

Richard Herrera
Kat Alano
Baby: "Watch Camelot, ok! Because I'm watching too..." :)

About AXN Beyond
From Asia’s leading English general entertainment cable offering AXN, comes AXN Beyond. Launched in January 2008, AXN Beyond is the destination channel for high-octane, edgy entertainment for young adults and the young at heart. With a unique blend of drama, reality shows and movies that constantly question the boundaries of reality and stretch the limits of the imagination, AXN Beyond speaks to those who believe there is more to life than what they have been told. AXN Beyond’s programming features rebels with attitude, alternate realities, and the wonders of possible futures, making it the destination channel for entertainment beyond the ordinary, beyond reality, and beyond the imagination.
AXN Beyond is wholly owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment, and managed by SPE Networks – Asia, which also operates cable channels AXN, Animax, Sony Entertainment Television, and ONE. More information about AXN Beyond can be found at

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