Friday, February 25, 2011

Electrolux promo comes in pairs

Electrolux promo offers customers with a pair of items to get more discounts. Shoes, headphones, gloves, earrings, chopsticks, and of course, couples… most good things really just come in pairs.

This Valentine’s Season Electrolux offers a yet another good pair – the Electrolux specially bundled washers and dryers at a much discounted price.

Effective February 1 to 28, 2011, you can avail of as much as PhP10,000 discount whenever you buy an Electrolux front load washer, and to complete the pair, Electrolux also offers a 30% discount on its dryers upon purchase of participating front load washers.

The special bundle promo is a very timely offer this Valentine’s season when being in pair is the way to go.  So getting a washer together with a dryer at a very good price is such a perfect pairing idea!

Affordable payment schemes using major credit cards are also available. The front load washers can be purchased at 0% interest for a 12-month installment plan and the dryers can be purchased at 0% interest for a 6-month installment plan.

With the advent of the Love Season, you can only think of spending more time with your significant other.  And this is where Electrolux comes to the rescue.  Electrolux front load washers and dryers allow you to have more quality time with your partner instead of spending more hours doing the laundry as its superior cleaning and innovative time saving features effectively cleans your clothes at a shorter time.  
Electrolux Front Load Washers are equipped with Time Manager Function, which lets you reduce laundry time and for some models, choose how long your laundry should take. They are also eco-friendly and very energy efficient as it uses up to 70% less water and 80% less electricity than any other conventional washing machines.

Electrolux Machine Dryer, on the other hand, is the perfect partner to your Electrolux front load washer as it completes your laundry process in an instant. It protects your delicate fabric from damage during the drying process and softens the harsh feeling of the fibers, making the fabric nice and comfortable. Electrolux Dryers come in two models (EDV 600 and EDE 67550), which both feature smart drying sensor which automatically shuts off the dryer once clothes are hundred percent dried already to save you electricity and time.

Grab this limited offer and buy an EWF 1282 front load washer at PhP39,990 only which is PhP10,000 less than its original price of PhP49,990!  And when you buy the washer, you can opt to get and pair it with the EDV 600 mountable dryer at PhP14,630 only which is 30% less than its regular price of PhP 20,990.  Other models included in the promo are the EWF 10741 and EWF 85761 front load washers and the EDV 67550 dryer

For more information on the Electrolux Valentine’s Promo, call Electrolux’s customer care trunk line at 845-CARE (2273) or domestic toll-free number 1-800-10-845-CARE (2273) or visit

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