Friday, January 14, 2011

Seattle's Best Coffee named 10 Best Customers

[Note: All 5 photos below without my watermark were taken by Azrael Coladilla. You can also check out his creative shots.]

For many decades, Filipinos have been coffee fanatics. And when elegant coffee shops and bars sprout in every corner since the 1990's, a lifestyle that makes people relax with a beverage in hand while having a meaningful conversation with friends was born.

Seattle's Best Coffee (SBC) has chosen 10 celebrity customers representing their different fields of profession in celebration of 10 good and successful years of the renowned American franchise dubbed as "the best coffee in Seattle."

I am personally an avid fan of Seattle's Best Coffee for 5 years now because of its very unique taste. Besides serving one of the best coffee in the land, SBC has done local pioneering efforts, that include: offering WIFI in all its coffee shops nationwide, launching a VIP Club Card program, and being the first to launch freshly-cooked meals as well as integrating kitchen and chefs on its team. For 2010, SBC unveils another first—a campaign that celebrates SBC’s 10 Best Customers. Among them are:

1.  Akihiro Sato - Model, Actor & Ultimate Survivor in Survivor Philippines (Celebrity Edition, 2010)
2.  Joyce Ramirez - Hollywood-trained entertainment publicist
3.  Stephanie Henares - brand ambassador to Animax, Asia’s first and leading anime and youth entertainment channel
4.  Cristalle Belo Henares - Managing Director of Belo Essentials; Daughter of Dr. Vicky Belo
5.  Alyanna Martinez - Style Consultant; Daughter of actors Albert & Liezl Martinez
6.  Paul Soriano - Movie & TV Commercial Director; Grandson of actor Nestor de Villa
7.  Manny Torrejon - Businessman & Coffee Connoisseur
8.  Raymond Punzalan & Jowee Alviar - Team Manila's Graphic Designers
9. Francis Kong - Author, Publisher & Leadership Consultant
10. Ivan Acuña - Metalscape and Non-traditional Contemporary Artist

Last November 29, 2010, Seattle’s Best Coffee and International Publicist Joyce A. Ramirez hosted the SBC Blogger’s Brunch, 10AM at Seattle’s Best Greenbelt 3 branch (Ground Floor). Bloggers got a chance to taste the Seattle’s Best Coffee experience – traditionally stands for Smooth, full-flavored coffees which has been the promise of the brand since opening its first branch in the Philippines 10 years ago. SBC believes that premium coffee experience starts with taste as the brand caters to a discerning, more intelligent coffee market who knows what ticks the customers.

We were served with a choice of signature drinks that include Javanilla, Raspberry Mocha Kiss, Mocha, White Chocolate Mocha and Javakula, and a choice of freshly-cooked gourmet meals that includes breakfast, sandwiches, salads and pastas. For more information, visit .

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