Monday, December 6, 2010

Hewlett-Packard Introduces the New Ink Advantage Printers Cutting Printing Costs Up to 50%

HP Introduces the New Ink Advantage Printers Cutting Printing Costs Up to 50%
by Arvin T. Ello
Gone were the days when we had to purchase very expensive printers as well as very expensive ink cartridges. With the rising demand of printing needs for school and work, it is just timely to save on costs but never to compromise its quality and performance.
Hewlett-Packard Philippines just launched its new Ink Advantage printer series with great savings on printing costs up to 50%, with cost-per-page as low as PhP 0.63. Ink cartridges surprisingly has dropped to as low as PhP390 each. Truly amazing, isn't it? The old HP LaserJet printer, which was introduced to the market in 1984, has put the dot-matrix printers to an end. Since then, HP continues to make innovations on its products to meet clients' needs.

The new HP Ink Advantage cartridges still offer the same exceptional quality and reliability for everyday printing jobs that use the same dual-drop volume technology also found in other Original HP inks.

There are five (5) new printers in this HP Ink Advantage series: (1) the HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 2010 Printer K010a, (2) HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 2060 All-in-One K110a, (3) HP Deskjet Ink Advantage K109a, (4) HP Deskjet Ink Advantage K209a, and (5) HP Officejet Advantage 4500 All-in-One Printer.

What is so cool about these new printers is that these are Energy Star® qualified printers, meaning the products are guaranteed to save on energy. The new HP printers are also very environment-friendly products. Printers are composed of 45% recycled plastics, and units are shipped in 99% recyclable or reusable packaging materials.

For printing speed, both the K010a and K110a printers can print up to 20 ppm (page per minute) for black, and up to 16 ppm for colored printing. That's a lot of time saved!  Their suggested retail price (SRP) are Php 3,599.00 and PhP4,999.00 respectively. The All-in-One K110a is a compact HP device that lets you print, scan and copy any document at very affordable rates.

The K109a printer allows users more flexibility and efficiency in producing high-quality prints especially those on a tight budget. It can print up to 28 ppm for black and up to 21 ppm for colored pages. SRP: PhP 4,699.00

Using two (2) ink cartridges, the K209a printer allows users to finish printing tasks even if one of the cartridges us running low on ink, and thus making replacements easier. It uses a standard SDRAM 16 MB, 4 MB for Flash and 4 KB for NVRAM memory. This unit has LCD to keep track of ink usage by displaying ink level gauge so when the printer is already running low on ink, the LCD lights up. K209a is capable of printing up to 29 ppm for black and up to 23 ppm for colored pages. SRP: PhP 6,999.00

The 4500 All-in-One printer can do 4 tasks: print, fax, scan and copy. Equipped with ethernet connectivity, it delivers professional high-quality color prints for small workgroups or networked environment. It is interesting to note that this device can produce borderless printing for documents, brochures, flyers and others. The 4500 printer can print and copy documents so quickly up to 28 ppm for black and 22 ppm for colored printing, and has a speed equivalent to a laser printer that can do jobs up to 6 ppm (black) and 4 ppm (colored). SRP: PhP 8,999.00

All printers are available beginning October 2010 and they include a one-year warranty.

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