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Search for 10 Poetry Postcards for the Lasallian Trivia Book

Search for 10 Poetry Postcards
for the Lasallian Trivia Book

Lasallian POETS from batches 1996 and earlier

are invited to send in a POEM
that pays tribute to the events and icons (or things)
that TRANSFORMED Lasallian culture, experience, and values
and contributed to illuminating
and empowering the larger FILIPINO experience.

Email poems of 150 words or less,
(this invitation is 135 words long including the title)
in English or Filipino, to
on or before 16 December 2010.

Lasallian ARTISTS (you can lead us to your choices)
will interpret the poems.
Email (cc:
On or before 14 January 2011.

Only TEN poetry postcards—or 10 Poet–Artist pairs—
will be included in the La Salle Trivia Book
that the Student Publications Office
will produce for the Centennial Celebration.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *


Q:  Should the poems be based on the artworks or the artworks based on the poem? 

A:  Each set of poem and artwork should complement one another. The literature may be based on the available artwork or vice versa. Feel free to mix and match artworks and literature.

Q: Are there prerequisites?  Should the works, for instance, be postcard-size or new, unpublished, or unexhibited?

A:  Postcard size (6" x 4 1/4") dapat yung work or pwedeng i-layout sa postcard size. It may be a new, published, or exhibited work.

Q:  Should the poem be about DLSU or being Lasallian or written during their stay at Taft?

A:  Although there's no particular theme, it would be great if you can send works about DLSU, being a Lasallian, or written during their stay at La Salle. 

Q:  Do you need electronic files or actual "paintings"? 

A:  If Malateños would submit electronic files, I need them in a hi-res JPEG format. Actual works are also accepted. We will return the works after they have been scanned. 

Q:  Would the postcards appear in the book (together in one section or separately in different chapters) or would they be published as real postcards to go with the book? 

A:  They'll be part of a special chapter. They will have perforations so that when you want to use the postcard, you can just tear it from the page it belongs to. 

Q:  Would contributors get paid, either in cash and/or book copies? Would the book and/or the postcard be given out or sold?

A:  I'm sorry but we can only give the glory of the byline. Yes, the postcards will be sold to raise funds for the scholarship program of DLSU. Think of it as your contribution for a good cause. We'll give all contributors a free copy of the book.

Q: Until when could we submit our contributions? When would the book be launched?
A:  Deadline of submission: 14 January 2011.
Target date of publication: May 2011.
Exhibition of Works: June 2011 (the week before the Centennial celebration)

Q:  Would all contributions be published? 
A:  By the way, out of the contributions 15 that will be shortlisted. The SPO Director will choose the 10 works that will get published.

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