Thursday, October 28, 2010

Star Movies presents Movie Marathon Contest

Many have tried doing movie marathon especially on days free from work & school. But how many  films can you really watch in one sitting, without going to the comfort room and without any distractions?
 After about three or four movies, an empty bag of popcorn or chips, crushed cans of soda, and empty bottles of softdrink or beer, most people would call it a day. If you’re looking for a longer, more extensive, and infinitely more challenging movie experience, Star Movies will test your stamina with its movie marathon event. Exciting, isn't it?  

On November 9, 2010, 100 lucky viewers will have a chance to join the Star Movies Movie Marathon at the Resorts World Manila. Here, avid movie goers will enjoy a whole day of movies and battle each other at the longest movie marathon ever. The last one in the theater will conquer the movie event and win P100,000.
To join, make sure to tune in to Star Movies every day from September 24-November 5, 2010. You have to catch the brand bug of a popcorn tub which will be appearing on your TV screens 12 times a day. Once you see it, take note of the movie that was showing when it came out, the time, and the date. Send your answers together with your name and contact details to
Every week, 20 contestants will be drawn and will get a chance to participate in the Star Movies Movie Marathon.
So if you think you can handle the most serious movie marathon yet, start watching Star Movies and catch the brand bug of a popcorn tub to join. You just might find yourself outwitting and outlasting the movie marathon event of the season. Good luck! :)

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