Monday, September 6, 2010

Dove Go Fresh Showeroke Challenge

Dove Go Fresh presented the first-ever Dove Showeroke which was held at Strumm's in Jupiter St., Makati City on June 20, 2010. This digital competition makes every shower-singing wannabe’s dream come true. From May 25 to June 17, 2010, Dove invited aspiring stars to video themselves having fun in the shower, while belting out their favorite shower tunes. In lieu of a mic, participants were required to hold a Dove Go Fresh Beauty Bar, Body Wash or Deodorant Stick.

Participants were then asked to upload and share their videos on Youtube. The top ten videos that received the most views and likes were then asked to perform at the Dove Showeroke Challenge at Strumm's.

Phoebe won as the champion in the first-ever Dove Go Fresh Showeroke Challenge. Anna, Maisa and Gold placed 1st runner-up. Sai Verano won the Blogger's Choice Award.  

Dove’s Go Fresh collection of beauty bars, body wash, and deos makes it feel like summer all-year long sans the sticky and stifling heat. With two exciting ranges to choose from – Fresh Moisture and Energizing, Dove Go Fresh channels instant shower freshness and long-lasting energizing aromas.

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