Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Metropolis Independent Film Program (July-Dec 2010)

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Metropolis Independent Film Program (Session 2)

 metropolis n. [LL., fr. Gr metropolis, fr. meter mother + polis city]

1. The mother or parent city of a state or colony.

2. The chief or capital city of a country, state or region.

In Focus:
 Metropolis Independent Film Program
  • experience eclectic contemporary filmmaking 
  • nurture  support for local producers 
  • create a dynamic network for cultural exchanges 
  • express your ingenuity in the community
Watch the screenings of collected indie works featuring Rigodon directed by Keith Sicat and Sari Dalena Sikat.

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In New York City right after the 9-11 Terrorist Attacks, 
three Filipino immigrants’ lives intertwine in an age of 
racial profiling and government crackdowns.

 Session 2, 8pm Wednesday, August 4 2010 FREE ADMISSION
 followed by an open forum + world music & live entertainment till late in the evening.
Pre-event venue reservations: P150.00 plus 1 free drink. 
Donor contributions are welcome.

 Tomato Bomb HQ 63-B Xavierville Avenue 
Loyola Heights, Quezon City. 
Tel:  +63 918 9271147. To reserve call / text +63 920 4610955, +63 927 8748789
or email /

Presented by Anahata Foundation & Linao Films in cooperation with Tomato Bomb HQ, Zero Hour Design Solutions & UFO Workshops – Asian Pacific Film Institute.

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