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3rd Entrep Summit: Click! Technopreneurs' Secrets, Revealed!

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For the three years now, JCI Manila (Manila Jaycees) has been staging the Entrep Summit – a gathering of prominent entrepreneurs from different fields who share their experience and life lessons in the hopes of encouraging or inspiring individuals to pursue their entrepreneurial aspirations.  This year’s Entrep Summit titled “Click! Technopreneurs’ Secrets, Revealed!” will feature trailblazing entrepreneurs who have been successful in tech and digital media related endeavors.

This project encapsulates one JCI-Manila tenet that "economic justice can best be won by free men through free enterprise" and cement JCI Manila as a leadership organization actively participating in the business concerns of young leaders and entrepreneurs. Being the lifeblood of the Philippine economy, the SMEs should consciously adapt and grow with market changes and take steps to attaining their business goals - thus coining the term "Entrep Summit."

Proceeds from the Entrep Summit 2010 will go to the various JCI Manila community development activities under the “Dare to C.A.R.E” umbrella program for the Smokey Mountain Community which offers various community services to the area such as scholarship, sports program for the youth, livelihood, mentorship, and education to name a few.

The Entrep Summit will be held on August 28, 2010, SM Mall of Asia, Center Stage Cinema at 8:00am - 6:00pm. Tickets are available via Ticketnet and at for Php1200.

Please leave a comment, your full name and email address if you want a complimentary ticket to this awesome seminar and tell me why you need it and why you should be given the ticket. ASAP please. Limited complimenatry tickets will be given away.

Entrep Summit Program and Speakers

Shake It ‘til you Make It
Building a business from scratch is no walk in the park, but success and money awaits those who persevere.

Lex Ledesma

* Proprietor, Whistlestop Restaurant
* Executive Director, The One School (Professor of Entrepreneurship and Public Speaking)
* Managing Director, Nami Resort

Pole Position
Masquerading as a fortune teller is one thing, but being able to forecast upcoming trends and business models is a whole new ball game. Explore the inner workings of an actual visionary.

Jay Fajardo

* Founder & Former CEO, Airborne Access
* CEO,
* Involved in startup ventures focused on internet and technology, including new media, app development, and IP based telephony

From Zero to Hero
(Panel Discussion)
The road to becoming Mr. Popular is long and tedious, with numerous speed bumps strewn across.  But some people know a detour, a shortcut that’ll take you to the stars.

3 Panelists:
Vince Golangco

* Editor-in-chief / Creative Director,
* Radio DJ & Voice Talent, Mellow 94.7 / CreatiVoices
* Writer / TV Show & Events Host, Freelance

Doy Roque
* Managing Director, Media Meter
* Founder and Owner, M2.0 Communications

Yves Gonzalez
* Creator, @PCOSmachine twitter account
* Founder & VP Software Design, Giro AppSolutions, Inc.
* Founder & Administrator,
* Spokesperson & Head, MIS - Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA)

No Guts No Glory
Few men have the boldness and audacity to create a business, much less spearhead the computerization of a nationwide election. But one man did both ..... and came out on top

Cesar Flores
* President, Smartmatic Asia

Of Blogs and Cash
We’ve all heard of them, but has anyone actually spotted one? Be one of the first to see and interact with the greatest phenomenon of the 21st century - the Professional Blogger.

Abe Olandres
* Professional Blogger & Owner, YugaTech
* New Media Consultant
* Speaker, seminars and workshops on blogging, podcasting and internet marketing in various countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Pakistan and Germany
* Co-founder, Philippine Blog Awards
* Co-organizer, Search Engine Marketing Conference in the Philippines

Get Smart, Get Digitized
Who knew that taking an old idea from the analog age and bringing it to the digital age would result into a blooming success?

Dustin Andaya
* Chairman & Marketing Director, Island Rose (Philippine Cut Flower Corporation)
* President, Superius Corporation
* Finalist, 2009 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist
* Awardee, 2008 Agora Award for Outstanding Achievement in Entrepreneurship

Blood, Sweat and Digital Tears
Where the basics of managing a small startup isn’t as obvious as one might think.

Ibba Bernardo
* Founder & President, Mothercode
* Co-Founder, E-motion Systems, Inc.
* Editor-in-Chief, The Ragnarok Guide Book I & II
* IT Teacher, The One School
* Chariman,

The Investor’s Salon
The art of making your business attractive and delectable to would be affluent suitors.

Martin Lichauco
* Managing Partner, Global Gateway Venture Capital (G2VC)

My Spider Sense is Tingling...
A smart businessman carefully scopes out the environment for potential business trends. Find out what these trends are and how to seize the opportunities.

Paco Sandejas, Ph.D.

* Managing Director, Narra Venture Capital

The Journey of a Serial Digital Entrepreneur
Throw everything you learned about business plans and strategic marketing out the window, only one thing matters when establishing multiple businesses; a firm business model.

Nix Nolledo

* Co-founder, Chairman & majority shareholder:
* Founder, Chairman & President: Xurpas, Inc.
* Director & Shareholder: Starfish Mobile
* Chairman & Majority Shareholder: Havoc Digital
* Chairman & Majority Shareholder: MyAyala, Inc.
* Chairman & Shareholder: Fluxion, Inc.
* Founding Director & Current President: Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines (IMMAP)
* Founding member of the Philippine Chapter: Mobile Marketing Association
* Member and Board Director: Entrepreneurs Organization (EO)


Cheftonio said...

Hi! I would want one ticket because me and my sister are attending and my brother wants to attend but has no ticket.

3 minds are better than 2. :)

We will converge our ideas to create one super idea that will help create additional jobs in the country.


Unknown said...

Hi! I am open for entrepreneurship trainings.

Athens Cruz -

Arvin Ello said...

@Cheftonio: You got 1 complimentary ticket. Congrats and good luck! :)

@Athens: You still haven't stated your reasons. Please follow the guidelines. Thanks!

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