Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Preparing your kids for success

It seems like there is a magic formula to guarantee your child's future, and it's not bottled in infant formula nor can it be bought. The key that leads to a successful adult life for anyone--no matter where a child is born or where he goes to school--is proper and effective time management skills.

As mother, progressive parenting advocate, active blogger and CEO of Like Minds, Inc, Jen Tan and young mother and actress, Dimples Romana-Ahmee talked about fun and easy ways to teach your child all about proper time management in Kids Watch Central's Mommy Talks, a series that was held on May 23, 2010 at the Rockwell Tent as part of Expo Mom 2010. Both Jen and Dimples are, themselves, consistently practicing effective time management skills everyday. While Jen has to juggle her business, her blog and her time with her two young boys, Dimples shares her days between tapings of Agua Bendita and taking care of her beautiful daughter, Cal. These diligent mothers have revealed their secrets on how to pass these important time-management skills to kids. 

The Magic of Time Management

Expounding on studies done by Dr. Edward Banfield (a noted Harvard sociologist) and The American Journal of Health Studies, Jen Tan talked about how certain skills, such as planning for the future and the discipline to do what is important right away, helped children grow up to be financially and socially stable, successful adults. Interestingly, Dr. Banfield's study proved that those who were able to plan their lives in five, ten or even 20 years into the future were able to map out their lives for success. His study also showed that factors such as education, intelligence, family background, race and occupation were not as crucial as time management.

Likewise, the American Journal of Health Studies' research on students and their time management skills showed that students who practiced good time management skills were significantly less stressed and able to enjoy leisure time more.

The Earlier, the Better

Sharing her experiences as mother to Cal, Dimples Romana-Ahmee showed how to teach kids the most important aspects of time management through fun and enjoyable activities, like reward boards and family calendars. These exciting tools and activities can help your children find out how they manage their own time--from plotting how much time is spent on schoolwork to how much time is spent on play. This can then help your kids map out their week and devote more time for more important tasks and activities. You can also learn how  to get your kids to use fun watches such as Kids Watch Central time pieces to keep track of goal accomplishments and activities needed to finish their goals.

Remember that children form both good and bad habits during their youth, and it's best for your kids to start learning effective time management skills while they're still young. Studies prove that children who learn how to manage time and set goals and schedules have a greater chance at a successful, upwardly financial and socially mobile adult life. With Kids Watch Central timepieces and the teaching tools you'll learn in KWC's Mommy Talks, you're on your way to ensuring a happy and successful future for your children.


Kids Watch Central is located inside the Children’s Accessories area in leading department stores such as SM, The Landmark, and Rustan’s.

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