Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Know why Suzi Entrata-Abrera recommends Golden Fiesta Palm Oil

Cooking oil brands have been a concern to most moms. But not all brands are made the same way and can give the same benefits to one's health. Celebrity mom and TV host Suzi Entrata-Abrera discovered the wonders of Golden Fiesta Palm Oil, which is different from the cooking oil our moms used to have in our kitchen.

Suzi relishes frying chicken, hotdogs and pork chops for her family. That is why it is of prime importance that she only chooses the right cooking oil in preparing fried foods for her husband, Paolo Abrera (also a TV host and a sports buff) and their three daughters: Leona, Jade and Nela.

Golden Fiesta Palm Oil is made from 100% pure palm oil that contains Omega 9. This Omega 9 is very good for the heart. It has Oleic acid component that helps reduce the risk of arteriosclerosis, cardiovascular & heart disease, and stroke. Omega 9 is also know to increase good cholesterol to help maintaining the systems in our body. The product is also fortifies with Vitamin A, that aids to improve eyesight, fight infections and build string and healthy teeth and tissues.

It is surprising to note that Golden Fiesta Palm Oil has a high smoke point. We all thought that when the oil gets to smoke from heat, it indicates a sign that the oil is ready for frying. Think again! The product has a high temperature threshold and doesn't burn easily even when you're cooking at high temperature. This only proves that you can cook the food longer without burning the food or sacrificing its quality and taste.

Suzi highly recommends everyone to switch to Golden Fiesta Palm Oil. It doesn't only give you value for your money (because it's more affordable than any other brand), but gives you the benefits for your health.

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