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Baldemor masterpieces turned into cross-stitch art, featured in European exhibitions

DMC has been leading the needlecraft market with excellent service for over 2.5 centuries. Their needlecraft products offer an extensive color range, which is also known for its quality, its worldwide distribution structure (being available in approximately 130 countries worldwide). DMC also has specialized threads with features that allow for a more creative and distinctive feel to the cross-stitch work. Bringing out its versatility, DMC produces metallic, light effects, variegated and satin variations of thread.

Aside from embroidery thread, DMC continuously comes out with cross-stitch pattern designs to inspire stitchers. Over the years, subjects include landscapes, religious figures, people and still life. And, as DMC continues to offer something new to the market comes the collaboration with an Artist.

When I was in high school, we did a stitching project for our T.H.E. class (Technology & Home Economics) in St. Peter the Apostle School. All boys and girls did the same project - but there were a few designs to choose from. I must say that it took a long time for us to finish it as we were laboring on it day and night during our free time, until we got to frame our work which is the last stage of the process. We all enjoyed the project because it taught us to be very patient and meticulous with every detail. But have we imagined that it is possible to turn a painting masterpiece into a cross-stitch work?

Collaboration with Manuel Baldemor
To continue tradition of being market leaders, DMC collaborated with the celebrated artist, Manuel Baldemor, whose painted designs were rendered into cross-stitch patterns. With this effort, it brings to life the intricacies of a painting’s features while highlighting the exceptional qualities of DMC thread.

Manuel Baldemor is the artist whose works are on the faces of UNICEF greeting cards worldwide for over 18 years now, and who sidelines as a sculptor, writer and illustrator. He is a man who thirsts for an evolving exploration of his art, and continues to embody Filipino culture through his trademark folk art and simplified geometric forms. That is enough proof on why he has been the chosen one. Baldemor is the same artist behind the drawings of the SM green bags.

Partnership with Manuel Baldemor started in 2009 when DMC launched 2 cross-stitch renditions of his paintings, "Good Harvest" and "Fruits of Labor." Patterns were such a huge hit that DMC brought Manuel Baldemor closer to the people by creating an opportunity for stitchers to have their finished cross-stitch of Baldemor designs signed by the Artist himself.

To further introduce to the people in other nations the novelty of cross-stitching an Artist’s masterpieces, Manuel Baldemor is showcasing the cross-stitch works on his exhibit tours in Europe from June to August 2010.

Continued Partnership
With the success of last year’s releases, DMC continues partnership with Manuel Baldemor. This 2010, he shares 2 of his paintings - "Pahiyas Festival" and "Season of Hope." Both works are characteristic of the Filipino culture. We love to celebrate and through celebrations like these people come together to showcase their warmth, hospitality and appreciation.

 Manuel Baldemor's painting, "Pahiyas Festival"

The cross-stitch work

"Pahiyas Festival," a 36x60 inches painting, is made into a 20x26 inches cross-stitch design. Pahiyas is one of the many Philippine festivals being held in the province of Quezon. It is a thanksgiving for the people in Quezon and to which they showcase the abundant resources unique to them like the kiping. Through celebrations like this, it encourages the people to embrace their roots.

 Manuel Baldemor's painting, "Season of Hope"

The cross-stitch work

Furthermore, "Season of Hope" is a 36x48 inches painting depicted into a 24x23.4 inches cross-stitch design. It deals with the more universal celebration, which is the Christmas season. It brings people together to celebrate the birth of Jesus and the promise of salvation from him. This season brings with it the general feeling of positivity. People just feel good no matter what circumstance they are in.

Baldemor brings DMC cross-stitch works to Europe
This June 2010, Baldemor showcases the new DMC designs in his European exhibit in Helsinki, Finland and Portugal to highlight Philippine culture to commemorate the Philippine Independence Day on June 12.  This will be the first time Filipino cross-stittch designs will be featured in an Baldemor Art exhibit in Europe.  Baldemor has been invited by the European and Philippine diplomatic circles to showcase Filipino art of which  cross-stitch is now a new medium.  

To buy Manuel Baldemor’s Pahiyas Festival and Season of Hope cross-stitch patterns and other DMC products, visit craft stores nationwide. Donation will be given to UNICEF for every purchase of the patterns in behalf of Mr. Baldemor. DMC offers free cross-stitch lessons at DMC Creative World SM Megamall Bldg. A, Lower Ground Floor, EDSA, Mandaluyong City | Tel.No.: (632) 6329978. Call store for reservations.

DMC is exclusively distributed by Focus Global Inc.  Pioneer corner Reliance Streets Mandaluyong City | Tel. No.: (632) 6348587 | Fax No.: (632) 6348738

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