Saturday, May 1, 2010

Join 7-Elections to get free GULP Gift Certificates from 7-Eleven

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Join 7-Elections! 
Check out: Gulp® your vote to the 2010 Elections thru 7-Eleven's informal polling

I have received the Gibo Gulp gift certificates from the mail on May 1, 2010 (Saturday). 
Thank you 7-Eleven!!!
(I'm voting for Gibo.)

A friend has shared to me these Noynoy Gulp gift certificates which I gladly shared to my family, house helpers/ employees and friends. Thank you to my very kind friend and to 7-Eleven!!! 
(I'm not voting for Noynoy.)
More power to 7-Eleven for a bright idea to share blessings in time of the national elections! Congratulations! :)


Unknown said...

a 7-11 person delivered my gulp certificates on motorcycle 3 days after the elections and told us that this promo has been extended. When this was presented to the local 7-11 store near our place,they told us that these were already invalid because the elections were already over.

Arvin Ello said...

I have received an email on the 1st week of May that the promo has been extended till May 31. Don't throw your GCs. Perhaps the employees of 7-11 branches were not informed of this extension. You can still use them. Thanks.

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