Saturday, May 1, 2010

Electrolux introduces innovative new split-type air conditioners

For over 90 years, Electrolux has been thinking of you and how to make your life better through insightful and innovative products. They’ve gone the extra mile to find out what consumers really need and want to develop products that make cooking and storing food more convenient, make cleaning their home and clothes easier, and thought of ways to help make their family and home cooler and more comfortable, so life is more enjoyable.

And just as they’ve helped improve the lives of households all over the world with their innovative products in food storage, food preparation, laundry and home cleaning, Electrolux and its brands AEG-Electrolux, Zanussi, Gibson, Eureka White-Westinghouse and Frigidaire have been pioneers in giving households air conditioning solutions to their changing needs through the years.

Electrolux started in the air conditioner business with Frigidaire in 1929, where they built the first self-contained room air conditioner and in 1938, introduced the first air-cooled window type air conditioner. In 1959, Gibson was the first manufacturer to introduce automatic "Air Sweep" feature, and in 1963, Westinghouse introduced the first compact air conditioner with quick mount installation kit. 

And now in 2010, amidst one of the Philippines’ hottest summers, Electrolux thought of how increasing pollution has not only harmed the environment but people’s health as well. In these days when keeping the earth and ourselves clean and healthy is becoming more of a priority, Electrolux has designed new split-type air Conditioners, which not only cool the air but at the same time, help you breathe easier and is more economical and environment friendly.

The new Electrolux split-type air conditioner has an energy efficiency level as high as 11.6, making it amongst the most energy efficient in its class. This means it costs less to operate, saving your family money, and helping save the environment as well, as it releases less harmful carbon dioxide.

And when it comes to staying cool, its Follow Me Technology, a feature unique to Electrolux, allows you to set the exact temperature you want and have the cool air follow you as you move throughout the room!

It also has Air Filtration Integrated System, which helps you breathe easy with a number of air purification technologies. The innovative Bio HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter removes over 95% of bacteria and 99% of dust particles, eliminating the problem of re-pollution when the filtered air is re-circulated.

Meanwhile, the Active Plasma Filtration system reduces the incidence of allergies, asthma and even the common cold by guarding against 99% of airborne allergens; 95% of harmful bacteria and 85% of viruses, while its Gold Fin Protection helps prevent both the condenser and evaporator from the onset of rust and is highly capable of stopping the growth of dangerous bacteria.

It even helps you get healthy with its Vitamin C technology, which helps soften your skin, reduce stress, inhibit bacteria and combat free radicals that cause cell damage.

With the new Electrolux split-type air conditioner, a cleaner, healthier earth actually begins with a cleaner home and a healthier you!

Learn more about the healthy way to keep your family cool from Electrolux by visiting your nearest appliance retailer. You can also call El
ectrolux’s customer care trunk line at (632) 845-CARE (2273), its domestic toll-free number 1-800-10-845-CARE (2273) or visit their website at

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