Monday, May 3, 2010

adidas launches miCoach Pacer and miCoach Zone with the Treadmill Run Challenge

adidas, a global leader in running, kicked off its campaign to help us become better runners with the launch of the miCoach Pacer and Zone held just outside the adidas shop at Bonifacio High Street in the Fort, Taguig City on March 20, 2010. Alongside the miCoach launch, adidas Philippines  encouraged runners and running enthusiasts to join the Treadmill Run Challenge. This event was hosted by DJ Rick Robles, a former Pinoy Big Brother housemate.

Xavier Medina of adidas Philippines demonstrated and explained the wonders of miCoach and how this virtual running partner works.

miCoach is an interactive training service developed to motivate, inspire and enable runners to become better and reach their training goals, whatever they may be. The miCoach offering features two separate products: 

•    miCoach Pacer - a small, lightweight device that delivers real-time audible coaching as you exercise via headphones or combined with your own MP3 player. During your run, the miCoach Pacer verbally coaches you (i.e. speed up to green zone, slow down to blue zone, etc.) to ensure that you are staying within your targeted heart rate zone and  keep you running at the right personal level.
– Real-time, audible coaching tells you to speed up or slow down based on its interaction between the adidas Heart Rate Monitor and adidas Stride Sensor.

•    The miCoach Zone – an easy to read color-code LED display on a wristband device provides accurate, real-time coaching making it easy for you to train at the right intensity with the help of a heart rate monitor.
- Easy to read color-code display provides accurate, real-time coaching on your wrist.  Used in conjunction with the adidas Heart Rate Monitor.

•    The new miCoach interactive training platform completes the adidas sports performance promise of engaging and enabling all athletes to achieve their Impossible.  Not only do we provide you with the most innovative footwear and apparel to perform in, we now offer personal coaching services so that you can get fitter, run faster and simply be better in 2010.

The adidas Innovation Team (ait) began research and development for the current miCoach platform and devices more than two years ago with the objective of creating the most advanced and personal training product in the marketplace.  adidas also worked with some of the world's finest athletic trainers in developing the miCoach training methodology, including Mark Verstegen, the founder and director of the Athletes’ Performance Institute (API), an elite training and sport research centre based at Arizona State University. 

On you can create personalised training plans, set goals, and proactively monitor and manage your progress over time. The miCoach platform includes six documented training plans, ranging from those who want to run faster and improve a personal time, to those who want to lose weight. You can also create your own personalised training plan to help your achieve your fitness goals and make you a better runner.

The complete miCoach Pacer system retails at P6,995 while the miCoach Zone is available at P3,695. Both products are exclusively available at adidas Sports Performance Concept stores Greenbelt, Trinoma, Rockwell, Glorietta, as well as RUNNR Fort Bonifacio. 

adidas miCoach Heart Rate Monitor - provides accurate feedback about your workout performance.  It relays your workout information to the miCoach Pacer or miCoach Zone which then ensures you're not pushing yourself too hard or little on your run.

adidas miCoach Stride Sensor - clips directly to shoe laces or inside adidas adiStar and Supernova shoe models featuring a cavity under the sockliner of the left shoe. The Stride Sensor provides detailed data about your unique stride rate, distance and pace and relays that information back to the miCoach Pacer device. runners

When I first heard that there is a Treadmill Run Challenge of adidas, I did not think twice. I took on the challenge and registered. I knew that I was not well prepared as I only had a few hours sleep that day and my body wasn't ready. But I am never afraid on taking challenges. A lot of people registered at the start, but as the event went on, some have quit already.

What is the challenge? It is running on treadmill in 10 minutes. How far could we go?

This is the complete list of the runners who bravely accepted the challenge and their corresponding distance ran in 10 minutes:

The Top 3 Winners won the following:

1st prize: miCoach Pacer 
2nd prize: miCoach Zone 
3rd prize: adidas Running products

1.  Wilnar Iglesia ------------  2.89 KM
2.  Mike Mamaril -----------   2.71 KM
3.  Nathaniel Garcia --------   2.70 KM
4.  Noelle De Guzman -----   2.64 KM
5.  Rodel Cuaton ------------   2.42 KM
6.  Sammy De Leรฑa --------   2.24 KM
7.  Illac Diaz -----------------   2.12 KM
8.  Arvin Ello ----------------   1.90 KM
9.  Joba Bontana -------------  1.88 KM
10.  Jeffrey Aspacio ----------  1.88 KM
11.  Joy Mendiola ------------   1.46 KM
12.  Armi Paz -----------------   0.91 KM
13.  Mark Cerbo --------------   0.87 KM

the super wasted me

About adidas
adidas is a global designer, developer and marketer of athletic footwear, apparel, and accessories with the mission to be the leading sports brand in the world.  Brand adidas is part of the adidas Group, a corporation that includes brands such as Reebok, TaylorMade, and Rockport.


Unknown said...

Wow!!Very impressive,Personally,I am planning to buy the new miCoach Pacer and Zone..I am sure many will be interested on buying that miCoach Pacer and Zone especially the athletes,personal trainer,and more..!!Nice photos and information.!
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Arvin Ello said...

Hi Aaron! Thanks for your comments. Yes, you're right. The new gadgets are very helpful for serious runners. I don't have them yet. Hopefully, someone will give it to me as a gift. hehe :)

Arvin Ello said...

Hi Aaron! I have checked your site - it's awesome. I've added you to my networks too! :)

jayson biadog said...

Nice Sports Blog!

Arvin Ello said...

Thanks Jason! :)

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