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Toblerone's National Thank You Day

To my dear readers: I'm posting the information below as a reference also to the National Thank You Day which was celebrated last November 20, 2009 at SM Mall of Asia in Pasay City. So there is something to look forward to come October 2010 as National Thank You Day celebrates its 4th year this year.

The National Thank You Day Awards event was hosted by Mo Twister & Maxene Magalona. The awards ceremony was followed by performances by True Faith band. And as a prelude to the excitement and anticipation of the results of the 1st National Thank You Day Awards, Toblerone revealed the 3 winners of the Spread the Sweetness of Gratitude Photo Competition:

 Remi Ann Sta. Cruz's 'My Best Playmate Ever' 

Jordana Quedding's 'Walang Iwanan' 

 Pat Lorico's 'Smooch & Pooch' 

For the 2009 awards, among the nominees are People’s Champ Manny Pacquiao fresh from his victory from Miguel Cotto, the late Francis M, who was part of the first National Thank You Day with daughter Maxene Magalona, Comedy King Dolphy, broadcaster and public servant Daniel Razon, CNN’s Top 10 Heroes of 2009 Efren Peรฑaflorida and one of the greatest leaders of all time for her fight for freedom and democracy, former President Cory Aquino.

About National Thank You Day

•    In 2006 Reader’s Digest conducted The Great Reader’s Digest Global Courtesy Test that aimed to determine which city will emerge as the most polite and which as the least. Among the 35 countries tested Manila ranked #22 landing it in the Least Courteous list.
•    Unfortunately, together with holding/opening doors and helping strangers pick up papers they dropped, the Philippines failed on expressing thank yous.

•    The same survey results inspired Swiss chocolate Toblerone to revive the lost art of saying ‘Thank You’ among Filipinos through the first National Thank You Day in October 20, 2007.
•    Now after two years of rising up to that challenge, this year’s National Thank You Day festivities couldn’t be more apt as it is an expression of gratitude for all Filipinos that participated in 2007 and has now made the country the Most Courteous Asian Country among recent surveys.

•    This year’s National Thank You Day on October 20 aims to bring Filipinos to honor outstanding individuals whose talent, leadership and vision in their fields by bringing recognition to our country and making us grateful for being a Filipino through the first National Thank You Awards.
•    Just visit to nominate or vote for that person whom you think deserves the nation's most sincere thank you.

•    Among the nominees are Monique Lhuillier, Brillante Mendoza, Manny Pacquiao and Late President Cory Aquino.
•    Let’s all remember to give out our most sincere thank yous every October 20 of each year as we celebrate National Thank You Day.

About Toblerone 
Note: The numbers correspond to the links below.

•    The first Toblerone chocolate bar was created at a confectionary store called Fabrique de Chocolat Berne, Tobler & Cie. by Jean Tobler with his son and Emil Baumann in 1908. [1]
•    Toblerone came from Jean Tobler’s last name Tobler and the Italian word torrone which means nougat. [2]

•    The Toblerone brand and shape received a trademark in 1909 from the Federal Institute for Intellectual Property in Bern. This means that no-one else can produce triangular chocolates. [3]
•    The triangular shape of the Toblerone represents the Matterhorn in Switzerland. This is why in some parts of the world each chunk is referred to as an ‘Alp’. [4]
•    The number of Toblerone's produced daily would stretch over a distance of 283 km when laid end to end. [5]

•    The number of peaks per Toblerone increases according to the size. For example, the minis have just three peaks, the 35g bars nine peaks and the 100g 12 peaks. [6]
•    Sold in 110 countries around the world, latest figures show that the top three consumers of Toblerone are the Swiss followed by the British and Australians. [7]

•    The Toblerone Matterhorn logo also conceals the figure of a bear. The bear is the emblem of the town of Berne where the factory was located. [8]
•    In Season 14, Episode 18 of the Emmy Award Winning series The Simpsons titled ‘Dude, Where's My Ranch?’, an out of control beaver is seen gnawing on a bar of Toblerone. [9]

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