Monday, April 26, 2010

e-Games Launches Dragonica in the Philippines

IP e-Game Ventures Inc., (e-Games), online game subsidiary of IPVG Corp, and publisher of the leading MMORPG (massively multiplayer online roleplaying game) titles RAN Online and CABAL Online, is proud to announce its newest online adventure game, Dragonica.

Dragonica is more than just another MMOG. With RPG elements and an 8-way, side-scrolling system in full 3D, the gameplay is fun, intuitive and won’t be a hindrance even for first-time MMOG players. For advanced players, Dragonica also has a combo system wherein you can chain your attacks along with special skills to deliver added damage against your opponents. No matter which level you are in, Dragonica has something to keep you playing.

Dragonica has the following features:
    •    8-Way side-scrolling arcade-style system
    •    Playable with either a computer keyboard or dedicated game pad
    •    A total of 28 playable character classes
    •    Easy to use game interface
    •    Anime-style avatars and humorous skill animations
    •    Upgradeable player housing system
    •    Exciting instanced dungeons with epic boss monsters
    •    Easy to enable PvP system which can hold up to 12 participants
    •    Cute pets which can be mounted and used in battle
    •    Fast-paced and action-oriented PvE and PvP battles

Gil Edeza, COO of e-Games, expressed his excitement over the launch of Dragonica in the Philippines. “Dragonica has the potential for bringing all kinds of gamers together in one game. Dragonica’s easy-to-use interface and gameplay system will appeal to casual gamers and first-time MMOG players, while the game’s RPG elements, combo system and PvP battles will be attractive to veteran players.” 

Dragonica is being played by hundreds of thousands of players from Korea, China, Taiwan, Russia, U.S.A, Europe and Southeast Asia. Nominated as “The most anticipated game” by Gamespot Korea after the GStar 2007 convention, Dragonica is still gathering rave reviews from all over the world for its innovations in online gaming. Dragonica is developed by Barunson Interactive of Korea.

Mr. Luie Lee, CEO of Barunson Interactive, comments, “We are pleased to be partnering with IAHGames in Southeast Asia. With their expertise and experience, combined with IPeGames’ local market knowledge, we are confident that Dragonica will be a big hit in the Philippines.”

Heidi Mendita-Garayblas, Vice President for e-Games, said that Dragonica’s widespread appeal is rooted in its uniqueness. “Dragonica, though side-scrolling, is the first to use 3D graphics to enable more freedom of movement. With its humor and use of pop-culture references, it’s easy to have fun while playing this game.”

About Infocomm Asia Holdings Pte Ltd (IAHGames):
Headquartered in Singapore, IAHGames is a leading publisher, operator and distributor of interactive entertainment. The company currently operates award-winning titles including EA SPORTS™ FIFA Online 2, Granado Espada, Dragonica and distributes Take Two Interactive products such as Grand Theft Auto IV ™ and the NBA 2K® series.

One of the first online games companies in the world to receive ISO 9001:2000 certification for “Distribution and Operation of Online Games”, IAHGames executes a unique “One Market, One Asia” strategy that offers developers and publishers a one-stop distribution service for multiple countries. For more information, log on to

About IP E-Game Ventures Inc. (IP E-Games):
IP E-Games is a publicly listed company in the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE: EG) which operates the online gaming business of technology conglomerate IPVG Corp. (PSE: IP). IP E-Games is ranked as the leading online games publisher in the Philippines and holds top MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game) titles such as RAN Online, CABAL Online, and Presidential Award recipient Korean game Granado Espada. Other games include high-fantasy MMORPG Runes of Magic, Chinese Mythological MMORPG ZX Online, Korean adventure games such as Dragonica and Nostale Online. The casual games of IP E-Games are published under X-Play Online Games Inc. (X-Play), a joint venture company between IP E-Games and GMA New Media Inc. (GMA NMI), the digital arm of GMA Network Inc. (GMA7). X-Play publishes the no.1 online dance game Audition Dance Battle, MMO First person shooter OP7 and online rhythm game, Bandmaster.  IP E-Games strategic minority investors include the Philippine Star Group and E-Store Exchange (an affiliate of GMA7). For more information, visit

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