Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Power of Three: Complete Dental Health

Complete your oral care habits with LOTTE XYLITOL Dental Health Gum. As a complement to proper toothbrushing and regular visits to the dentist, two best practices you know about, chewing LOTTE XYLITOL completes your defense against tooth decay or dental cavities.  

About 90 percent of the population is affected by dental cavities. Dental cavities (or the holes in the enamel and dentin layers of the tooth) are caused by sugar, which are the best form of energy for bacteria to multiply in your mouth. Sugar and dental plaque constantly form around and in between teeth, covering tiny crevices, pits, fissures, and grooves. Acid in dental plaque starts eating away at the tooth causing cavities.

Employing good practices in oral hygiene can prevent dental cavities. The First Power for good oral health is brushing thoroughly at least twice a day. Though you do it regularly, it is important to know how to brush your teeth properly. Remember: Choose a good toothbrush, which can reach all teeth surfaces and is gentle on teeth and gums. Use toothpaste with flouride. And, when brushing, spend 30 seconds on each section of your mouth. Proper brushing, along with flossing and gargling with mouthwash, remove dental plaque. These keep your teeth and gums healthy.

No matter how often or properly we brush and floss our teeth, we should also practice the Second Power in good oral health: Visit your dentist twice a year! Avoiding the dentist could result in tooth decay and even more serious problems like gum diseases, which lead to tooth loss such as gingivitis, periodontitis, among others. Proper oral hygiene includes regular visits to your dentist in order to detect and prevent more serious health problems.

 Together with Therese Reyes, Marketing Manager of Lotte Pilipinas, 
Dr. Marissa Brual, President of the Philippine Dental Association (left), 
performs free dental services for LOTTE XYLITOL’s Give Smiles to Kids Program

To complement proper toothbrushing and regular visits to the dentist, LOTTE XYLITOL Dental Health Gum, further maintains good oral health. As a dental health gum, LOTTE XYLITOL is the Third Power that effectively helps in protecting teeth.

How does it do this? Its main ingredient xylitol, a natural sweetener derived from birch tree and the fibers of many fruits and vegetables, thwarts the process of dental plaque and cavity build-up.

Mutans Streptococci, common bacteria found in your mouth, absorb the sugars and carbohydrates from food and drink and metabolize them into lactic acid. Lactic acid then decalcifies or mineralizes the tooth enamel, making it vulnerable to decay. But unlike sucrose, Xylitol cannot be metabolized by bacteria. Without sugar to metabolize, bacteria in your mouth cannot produce lactic acid. Thus, sugar-free LOTTE XYLITOL, which uses more than 50 percent xylitol as sweetener, effectively prevents the buildup of dental plaque and cavity.

Available in three variants, Blueberry Mint, Fresh Mint, and Lime Mint, 
LOTTE XYLITOL is the only dental health gum in the country 
that bears the Philippine Dental Association’s Seal of Recognition.

In conjuction with brushing your teeth and visiting the dentist, chew two pellets of LOTTE XYLITOL, four to five times a day for healthier teeth and gum. LOTTE XYLITOL, the only dental health gum in the country that currently bears the Philippine Dental Association’s Seal of Recognition, completes the Power of Three for good oral health!

Manufactured by Lotte, the leading confectionery company in Japan, and distributed by Lotte Confectioneary Pilipinas Corp., LOTTE XYLITOL is available in three variants, Blueberry Mint, Fresh Mint, and Lime Mint in blister packs or bottles.

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