Monday, December 14, 2009

I dread to be confined in the hospital again!

Magkapanabay lagi ang ganitong magkaibang-uri
Ng awit sa daigdig, ang isa'y papuri, ang isa'y pananangis,
Ang isa'y pagsilang, ang isa'y kamatayan,
Ang isa'y ligalig, ang isa'y pananalig.
Ngunit sa mga sumasaksi sa atin ay sino ba ang makaaalam
Kung ang pagkaway sa isa't isa ay pagsalubong
O pamamaalam.
                           - REBECCA AÑONUEVO, "Paglalakbay"

It's been a week since my last post. I still have a lot of pending blogs to make. I've been suffering from terrible cough for 2 weeks now. I have tried different kinds of treatment and medicines but nothing could make me feel well. Yesterday, I had fever again, that made me really weak.

Since 2005 until last year, I got stuck in the hospital for 3 times already due to stress and my white blood cells count went way below the normal. I never imagined that it could make me lose my life. Doctors would say that the symptoms of dengue is the same as what I have experienced. Stress and lack of sleep can really kill me!

August 31, 2005. I was seriously ill of very high fever. It was Course Card Distribution day of De La Salle University where I was teaching. You won't believe how I bore the pain of commuting from our house to the school just to give my grades to my students. I was very dizzy, I had cold & cough and high fever. I won't forget that awful day. I should've stayed at home and informed our secretary about it. But it had worsen my situation.

On September 30, 2008, I was confined in the hospital again due to the same reasons. The only difference is that I was labouring on my painting that was to be submitted for a competition. I had sleepless nights trying to finish it just to hit the deadline. I regretted not taking any vitamins during that tiring week that caused my body to give up. Staying in the hospital, I was bothered thinking of my pending application in a university as a Coordinator for its Marketing arm. There were 3 of us as strong shortlisted candidates for the position. And they would choose only 1 or 2 from us. Because of my situation, they said that they couldn't wait for me. Eventually, I lost the opportunity.

December 25, 2007. Right after watching Sakal, Sakali, Saklolo, a Filipino movie included in the Metro Manila Film Fest, my body felt an unusual warmness and I had never expected that it was already the start of my long journey of illness. That whole week, I got seriously ill. My condition did not improve for a week already. I still had very high fever. It was Christmas season and I had no choice but to get stuck in bed, sleeping, resting and eating is all I could do. Until I decided to be confined in the hospital on December 30 because I feared that my life was about to end. I stayed in the hospital until January 4, 2008. Now, it's Christmas season once again and I don't want that experience to be back again, and wish it will never be.

I don't want to be hospitalized again. Who would ever want to? Not only does it empty your wallet, there are so many things you cannot do, while your body suffers from total weakness. I dread to be confined in the hospital again!

For those who have checked on my blogs and for those who have been my constant followers, just stay on and I'll be updating my site with more interesting blogs, exciting features, etc very soon.


Anonymous said...

Take care of your body. Getting hospitalized is one thing that I dread as well. Mag-vitamins ka regularly. Ako naka-pillbox na yan para I don't miss drinking any of my meds and vitamins everyday.

Anonymous said...

i'm afraid of getting stuck in the hospital as well, especially while suffering from some serious illness. don't stress out yourself too much, it weakens the immune system. sometimes in our efforts to accomplish a lot, we tend to neglect ourselves, our bodies that need care and nourishment. lighten up your load, arvin. tc! :)

Arvin Ello said...

@AILEEN: Thanks a lot. When I was hit with this sickness that started as a sore throat, I think I forgot to take my vitamins. Will keep that in mind :)

Arvin Ello said...

@EDEL: Thanks for the reminder. I used to working too much sometimes, to the point of neglecting my health already. I really have to remind myself on that too :)

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