Thursday, November 12, 2009

"Deleted Scenes" at the Lopez Musuem (Nov 12, 2009-Jan 9, 2010)

The Lopez Memorial Museum invites you to Deleted Scenes, opening on November 12, 2009. Through the exhibition Deleted Scenes, the Lopez Memorial Museum focuses on items in its collection such as books, photographs and paintings. These items aid in the laying bare of narratives that may have been written only as footnotes, ignored or obliterated from memory. 

History, fact, fiction, etc. do have blanks and attempts to fill in these blanks come in a variety of forms and are done for a number of purposes. Featured in this exhibition are works by artists Sari Lluch Dalena and Camilla Griggers, Lyle Buencamino, Dada Docot and Al Manrique. 

Deleted Scenes runs until January 9, 2010.  
For more details, call telefax #: (632) 631.2417. You may also visit the Lopez Museum Blog Site.

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