Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Start Here calls for art submissions

Last September 26 2009, Typhoon Ondoy (international codename: Ketsana) hit the Philippines, causing a multi-city flood reaching up to two storeys high or around eight meters in the entire Metro Manila area and 25 provinces nearby. Areas most devastated by the 24-hour rainfall brought by the storm are Marikina City, Pasig City and the municipality of Cainta in the province of Rizal.

Four days later, Ondoy is gone from the Philippines’ territory of responsibility but has left 246 people dead, 38 people missing, countless families displaced and sheer indescribable ruin in its wake.

But there is one more thing that Ondoy left with Filipinos that day and it is hope. There has never been a more united effort to help fellow countrymen that this generation has seen than the volunteerism of people from all walks of life and of all ages in the many relief centers set up all over the entire country.

This is what’s happening now but we have to ask ourselves, where do we go from here?

START HERE is a collection of artwork inspired by Typhoon Ondoy relief efforts that aims, in turn, to inspire others to help in rebuilding the Philippines. The hope is that we can eventually set up an exhibit where we can sell the artworks with the proceeds donated to Ondoy relief efforts, rebuilding programs and calamity risk management programs.

Why art? It is our belief that art is made because we have something to say and this is the perfect time to say something meaningful and in our own special ways. Art moves, not just our hearts but also towards a positive direction that we can choose for ourselves.

Say something. Move with us. Share your art visions of creation and rebuilding.

START HERE is open to artists from all over the world who want to help the survivors of Typhoon Ondoy in the Philippines and inspire the rest of the world through art.

Please keep artworks to 8” x 8”, 300dpi, and save to JPEG or TIFF format. Include your full name, title of the artwork, your short description of the artwork, contact number and e-mail address when you submit to

Submissions will be accepted until November 26, 2009.

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