Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sandbox Mobile Launch: Everything Can Be Found in One Box

Seamlessly integrating the desktop web and mobile interface, Sandbox is envisioned to empower Filipinos to stay connected anytime, anywhere. No need to visit different sites to get everything: all one needs to do is register and be part of the Sandbox website:

Orlando Vea, Chief Wireless Advisor of Smart Communications addresses the crowd

Bong Mojica, Division Head, Wireless Consumer Division expounds on the merits of staying connected—anytime, anywhere

Mon Isberto, Public Affairs Head of Smart

With the launch of Sandbox, the latest web platform that unites social networking, online media content downloading, as well as web services, the future of digital connection for Filipinos comes with a new breakthrough interactive experience. The event, held at Bureau bar on June 11, 2009, and hosted by Mo Twister and Mojo Jojo, marks the unveiling of a technology that seamlessly fuses your digital lifestyle online and on the go.

DJs Mojo Jojo & Mo Twister

Chris Tiu & Me

Ramon Bautista, DJ Mojo Jojo, Chris Tiu & DJ Mo Twister

“We are more than just an online content site, more than just a social networking site—the exciting thing is that we are the frontier of digital harmony, on the web and on mobile,” said Orlando Vea, Chief Wireless Adviser of Smart Communications.

Janette Toral, Jonel Uy & Me

Janette Toral, Me, Jonel Uy & Juned Sonido

To mirror the digital harmony offered by Sandbox, the event celebrated the fusion of its different elements—downloading, gaming, watching, sharing and shopping showcased through several lifestyle vignettes. 
Unlike other content download sites, Sandbox offers an easier and faster way to get information online. You don’t even need credit cards to download: since content is delivered straight to your mobile, the cost for any requested music, game, and video is automatically charged to your prepaid load or billed above your postpaid plan. Downloading and installing is trouble-free: by filling [out] the purchase details on the pop-up window in the site. After clicking the download link sent to one’s mobile, the requested music, game, or movie wallpaper is installed to one’s phone.

Champ Liu-Pio of Hale band & Me

Taking shopping to a whole new level is Digisoria, Sandbox’s unique online retail portal. Here, shoppers and sellers will discover a more streamlined way to connect to each other, as Digisoria categorizes online merchants to make searching for specific products that buyers want faster. Entrepreneurial spirits will find this a great opportunity to bring their products to their target market, as shoppers will likewise find it as a cost-efficient and hassle-free way to find the things they want on the web.

VJ Eugenio, Ryan Crisostomo ( & Me

Bianca King & Me

Eduard San Juan II (friend from church) & Me

With all of these features, this newest online portal keeps Filipinos easily connected to everything and everyone, whenever and wherever. Without doubt, the best way to be linked has arrived.

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