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Fitness First's New You Achievement Awards 2009

Fifteen Filipinos now greet everyday with better health, smaller waistlines, sculpted bodies and improved sports performance.

Their success stories are, in fact, a source of inspiration to others – and it's the reason why they were recognized in the New You Achievement Awards gala dinner hosted by Fitness First Philippines on July 23, 2009. A first across Asia, this was truly a celebration of the achievements among Fitness First Philippines’ more than 50, 000 members from 18 different clubs nationwide.

“As a business geared towards improving people’s lives, the New You Achievement Awards is concrete proof of Fitness First’s commitment to deliver real results to real people,” said Fitness First Philippines Country Manager Mark Ellis. “We are committed to recognizing and celebrating the unique and outstanding achievements of our members. This is why the New You Achievement Awards were created.”

The gala dinner that was held at the Embassy Club was nothing less than a fitness red carpet event. The fifteen finalists from the five categories of the New You Achievement Awards impressed, but more importantly, inspired all those who were in attendance.

Healthier and Happier

Angel Carpio, Angela Garcia and Angelica Balatbat – it may be coincidence that all their names start with ‘angel’, but there’s nothing certainly nothing coincidental about how they all qualified as finalists for the Health Category of the New You Achievement Awards. These are the people who used their membership with Fitness First to positively impact their general well being.

Angelica Balatbat (Winner, Health Category)

Angel was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and after three months of working out, her blood sugar stabilized. Angela on the other hand is afflicted with Down’s Syndrome – a genetic disease – and has been a compulsive eater. She enrolled in Fitness First The Fort and now, she is more aware about proper nutrition. Angelica Balatbat had another story. She had a major thyroid problem, but after nine months of being a Fitness First member, she lost 45 pounds. Her Body Mass Index (BMI) dropped from 32.9 to 23.5 and her waistline slimmed down from 38 inches to 29 inches. Aside from these, she recovered from depression, and had managed her migraine and dysmenorrheal.

Faster, Stronger, Higher

The New You Achievement Awards Sports Category recognized members who used their membership to help them prepare for a sports competition or a physical event.

Dra. Aileen Lorenzo (Winner, Sports Category)

As athletic as she was, Marissa Tibayan was prone to injuries like pulled hamstrings, ankles and knees. According to Marissa, Fitness First was able to help her increase her stamina, endurance, strength and agility. Badminton enthusiast Cristy Cai shares that she played better after training in Fitness First, plus she felt more confident, sexier and healthier. Lastly, Dr. Eileen Lorenzo worked out for hours to prepare her for the Standard Chartered HK Marathon. Armed with confidence, a stronger back and a 60-pound weight loss, she successfully finished the race.

Tip-top Shape

Toned bodies and increased muscle mass defined New You Achievement Awards Strength Category who recognized members who worked hard in the gym for general toning and muscle building.

Alfonso Flores (Winner, Strength Category)

Through his Fitness First membership, Chiho Joko’s current body fat percentage went down from 25% to 20%. Her toned body even enabled her to win a striptease competition. Meanwhile, Alfonso Flores proved that physical fitness knows no age. At 74, he has an admirable well-defined body that would be the envy of people half his age. Completing the trio is Ryan Yuquico who was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis at the age of seven causing him to have thin and weak limbs. With the help of Fitness First, his arms and legs now have more mass and muscles.

Beating the Scale

Probably the top reason why people go to the gym is to lose weight and the New You Achievement Awards rewarded every pound shed through the Shape Category.

Roderick Beco (Winner, Shape Category)

In two months, Waldemar Mapua lost 29 lbs from 210 lbs to 189 lbs and shaved off five inches from his waist from 40 inches to 35 inches. Replacing a lethargic lifestyle for an active one, Nina Llanura dropped from 175 lbs to 120 lbs and now fits in size 8 clothes from her pre-Fitness First size 16. And from flab to fab, Roderick Beco now weighs 135 lbs from 188 lbs and still maintains a no carbohydrates and no fat diet.

Waldermar Mapua

Practicing What They Preach

One cannot talk about the importance of physical fitness without actually practicing it. The New You Achievement Awards Staff Category recognized Fitness First Philippines employees who walked the talk and made a difference in their lives.

Brandon Bon (Winner, Staff Category)

Since joining Fitness First, Raymund Macaso dropped from 140 lbs to 120 lbs and is now participating actively in 10K runs. Brandon Bon now places in several marathons thanks to his 40-pound weight lost to date (from 175 lbs to 135 lbs). Lastly, Carlos delos Santos who was diagnosed with kidney stones started eating healthy and doing regular cardio exercises and weight training. He now weighs 162 lbs from 195 lbs.

15 Success Stories, Thousands To Inspire

On top of the bragging rights and prizes that were bestowed upon these 15 individuals, perhaps the greatest reward they received is the honor of becoming role models for those who want to turn their lives around through physical fitness.

Grand Winner Angelica Balatbat

“Seeing our members look better and live healthier is our motivation to constantly innovate and remain at the forefront of fitness. We hope that more people will follow the lead of these inspiring individuals and welcome the dawn of a new and better life,” ended Ellis.

Azrael Coladilla, Lace & Me
Me & Mr. Mark Ellis (Country Manager, Fitness First Philippines)
(Right) Anika Punzalan
Arbee Panga & Me
Jonel, Lace, Ed, Aaron, Me & Azrael

To view all photos of this event, click here.

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