Wednesday, July 15, 2009

You're the number 1, Goldilocks!

[Note: Photos were taken from Goldilocks website.]

Celebrating an important occasion is not complete without a cake to share with friends, family and relatives. I remember when I was still a child, my parents would always make sure that I had a wonderful cake on the table having a simple birthday party or get-together at home with some neighbors and relatives. Pictures can attest that year after year, all of my three siblings and I had a cake on our birthdays. And the best way to make this occasion a very memorable one was to have a cake especially made by Goldilocks.

Goldilocks made its debut opening its first store on March 15, 1966 at 2300 Pasong Tamo in Makati. I can still recall that about three days to a week before my birthday, my parents and i would frequent the Goldilocks shop located at 2152 Miracle Building, Pasong Tamo Street in Makati Metro Manila to have a birthday cake ordered in advance. It was only a bakeshop then and Goldilocks all over the Philippines have evolved now from just mere bakeshop into a food shop cum fast food resto. That branch in Pasong Tamo has remained in tact in the same building and location up to this day. People passing by outside Goldilocks couldn't help but look intently at the window display showing samples of birthday, wedding and anniversary cakes that looked deliciously good in the eyes. And when March had its turn in the calendar, graduation cakes were being presented.

As my birthday was approaching, it had always thrilled me to see the themes/ motifs available for the week based on the dummy cakes shown in the glass display of Goldilocks. Some samples not on display could be found on a clearbook album so that customers could have a varied choices to choose from where the corresponding names, model code numbers, sizes, height and prices were listed. Motifs include Marvel's action super heroes, Disney and Looney Tunes characters, ordinary people in the neighborhood, etc. Current show characters that are an instant hit on kids also take a spotlight on top of the cakes. It gave me so much joy to choose my own motif according to the existing budget of our family. I remember that I had Superman, Voltes 5, Aquaman, Flintstones, Popeye as my motifs, and even nameless as two boxers (made of hard rubber that can also be used as sharpeners) illustrating a fight scene.

There was also a glass window display that showed available figurines (both big and small), decorative motifs that clients might like their cake customized. They are either made of plastic, rubber or plaster of paris which is breakable. Colors were also of prime importance and how the icing would be designed on the cake. Our family has lived in Paraรฑaque since my birth in 1977 and going to Goldilocks Pasong Tamo branch was truly a worthwhile experience.

I remember that there had been only two types of chiffon that are popular and available - mocha and vanilla. We had often chosen mocha flavor as the chiffon of our cakes. After many years, there have already been other chiffons being offered - chocolate, marble, rocky road, choco caramel and choco fudge chiffons to choose from. What makes me salivate on Goldilocks cakes until this day is the kind of sweetness their icing boasts of. I must say that it is unsurpassed! It has a unique sweet taste that really melts in your mouth. And that every time the icing forms a moustache on your face, there's no other way but to lick it with your tongue with so much delight.

When kids would ask their parents to buy a cake for them on any occasion, there is only one name that rings a bell - it is Goldilocks. Today, with over 250 stores both nationwide and overseas, Goldilocks has reaped continued successes in the food industry as it has been faithful in serving good food for 43 years now. Many bakeshops have sprouted at this time and age, but Goldilocks has lived up to its standards and has proven to be one bakeshop that has fused itself in a culture and tradition called Pinoy. A world-class product made by Filipinos, Goldilocks is truly my number one!

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