Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The World eBook Fair

From Philippine Genre Stories:

Presenting: The World eBook Fair.

Open access to eBooks from 7/4/09 to 8/4/09

Created by contributions from 100+ eBook libraries from around the world.

Over 2,250,000 titles available, free access for a month.


philippineblogreviews said...

Hi, we just started a blog dedicated to reviewing Philippine blogs and Filipino owned blogs.

Do you have a blog banner? Can we have one?

If you want to see our review for your blog, you may visit here at http://philippineblogreviews.weebly.com

It is still a hosted site. We will be upgrading soon this year.


Arvin Ello said...

Thank you so much for reviewing my site. I'm privileged and honored. Your site will truly help a lot. In the blogosphere, i think that's very unique!

Hope you visit my site again. Don't have a blog banner yet. I'll try to have one.

Let me know if you have codes already so I can attach a widget on my site. :-)

philippineblogreviews said...

You may please get the code at the site, its HTML code is not accepted in your comment window.

Thanks. Hopefully, we could review more blogs the soonest.

VIN said...

Thanks again. I'll attach your widget on my site.

BTW, I updated my site the other day in terms of my content on the right side bar, specifically my list of LINKS/ Blog roll. You may want to check it out. Will keep on updating it on a regular basis. Thanks! :)

Unknown said...

I'll surely appreciate it if you could put a link to our site. Thanks.

It is extremely nice to see sites arranged as yours. Just shuffle it from time to time to make it looks new all the time but don't overdo it.

Keep it up. I'll find a way to nominate you in that Phil Blog Awards.

VIN said...

Thanks so much! I appreciate it :-) I'm sorry that I haven't added your widget or a link to your website. Will do it this week. Have plans also of adding some new categories for my links.

Thanks also for your suggestion. Will keep that in mind.

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