Sunday, June 28, 2009

Calling All Artists for Tabletop Game Projects

A publisher of modern tabletop games is looking for freelance illustrators/graphic designers to re-design the ARTWORK for several existing foreign hobby games. Artworks and illustrations that will be produced must be original and must be acceptable by the whole family as audience/ gamers.

The games will initially be distributed across Asia and will contain English and Chinese rules but can later on be available in other parts of the globe as well.

The first three games that will need to have the artwork re-designed are:

[1] Loot / Pirates!

Artwork required:
- Pirate ship card
- Merchant Ship card
- 4 different pirate character cards
- 1 admiral card
- box artwork.
- There are actually many pirate ship cards. The artwork would be the same, only different colors and different values/strengths. There are many Merchant ship cards but of different values/strengths.

For more game info:

[2] Knock! Knock!

Artwork required:
The theme may be changed to BUGS instead of halloween but the card distribution will be the same. In case the theme does not change, the artwork required will be for:

- Grim reaper card
- Geek card
- Ghost cards: normal ghost, girl ghost, bodyguard ghost, musician ghost
- Frankenstein cards: normal frank, girl frank, bodyguard frank, musician frank
- Vampire cards: normal vampire, girl vampire, bodyguard vampire, musician vampire
- Headless horseman card
- Box Artwork

For more game info:

[3] On The Dot

Artwork required:
- Box artwork
- Back of cards artwork
- No cartoon work required for this game; but a graphic designer is needed.

For more game info:

Interested parties can submit their portfolio and an estimated cost for each game (if possible) to You may also send an email if you have any queries. They will then contact you if they find your work interesting and suitable for this type of project. Thank you.

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