Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Am I really a UP by heart? But my blood is Green.

I just joined Facebook 2 days ago. Yehey! I'm already Facebooked! I answered this particular quiz that gives you a result of a personality description of one out of only 4 Universities in the Philippines. What will the rest of the colleges and universities say about this type of quiz? Is it discriminating? hehe. Anyway, I'm happy with my result. I have studied in Ateneo, but my heart will forever belong to La Salle. Though I have not studied in UP, the descriptions below speak true about me - very true!

BTW, Monday is the usual day for the Arts. Most (if not all) art institutions are closed on a Monday. Newspapers on Mondays feature sections on Art, Design, Theater, Books/ Literature.

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Arvin completed the quiz "Which of the Top 4 Philippine Universities are you?" with the result The University of the Philippines.

You're a certified "Iskolar ng Bayan" Your devotion to the world of the academe is rightly complemented by your conviction in what you believe in. You are smart and strong-willed, and chooses to be at the front of any protest that goes against what you think is right for the common good. You will defend what is right at any cost. Your intelligence will take you to the top of your ambitions. Your will shall bring forth your desire for change. Your instinct will tell you to do what is right. Your color: MAROON Your day-off: MONDAY What to look forward to: The lifestyle that will surely be the closest to the "Filipino REAL LIFE" as possible. You'd well choose this University if your course choice involves: 1st - Pure Sciences; 2nd - Social Sciences; 3rd - Humanities.

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