Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Call for Entries! 61st AAP Annual Art Competition 2008

The Art Association of the Philippines, The National Commission for Culture and the Arts, in cooperation with GSIS Museum, present 

Kindly read the rules and regulations carefully.  The AAP shall strictly implement the rules published herein.  All members/competitors are required to comply.  

1.    The 61st AAP Annual Art Competition 2008 is open to all bona fide members. 
2.    Regular Members may join all five (5) categories. 
3.    Associate Members 16-20 years of age as of submission date may join only the Special Categories, namely Art Photography and Drawing.
    a.    Membership should be renewed on or before the date of submission by paying the annual dues.  Non-members who wish to join should apply for membership first before they are allowed to enter the competition. 
Regular Membership is open to artists who are: Fine Arts students, art patrons, art enthusiasts and cultural workers 21 years old and above. 
Associate Membership is open to artists 16-20 years old as of submission date who may be students, art enthusiasts or cultural workers. 
    d.    For bona fide members and applicants, please submit two (2) recent 1x1 photos for the AAP Identification Card. 
    e.     For new members, please submit a comprehensive resume, two (2) recent 1x1 photos for the AAP Identification Card and fill up the AAP Bio Data. 
    f.    Regular Membership Fee is Two Hundred Fifty Pesos (Php 250.00) for both renewal and new membership. 
    g.    Associate Membership Fee is Two Hundred Fifty Pesos (Php 250.00) as well. 
    h.    A participant may join several categories, provided that ONLY ONE ENTRY PER CATEGORY will be submitted. 
           Entry Fee is Two Hundred Fifty Pesos (PhP 250.00) per category.

5.    ALL ARTWORKS SHALL BE FOR SALE.  Artist prices are subject for review by the AAP Board.  The AAP is entitled to a 30% share of the sale value. 

6.    An entry is considered to be an artistic product of an individual.  NO GROUP ENTRIES SHALL BE ALLOWED.  All artworks should be the original artistic creation of the participating artist.  Non-compliance will result to disqualification of entry or revocation of title.

All entries must be SIGNED.  Information to be written on the Entry Details Form and attached at the back of entry:  artist’s name, address, contact details, category, entry title and price. (Signatures of the artists will be covered with a masking tape to ensure impartiality during the judging)

8.    Each entry should be accompanied by a 5 x 7 (5R) colored photograph of the artwork, with the same information as above written on the Entry Details Form and attached at the back of photo.  You may also avail of the services of the AAP Official
Photographer for a minimal fee. 

Entries for the Painting, Mixed Media, Art Photography and Drawing Categories should be framed and have provisions for hanging.  Pedestals are optional for entries to the Sculpture Category. 

 NOVEMBER 22, 2008, Saturday, from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm.  Entries in the Painting and Mixed Media Categories are to be submitted at the GSIS Museo ng Sining at the CCP Complex, Roxas Boulevard,while entries for the Sculpture, Art Photography and Drawing should be submitted at the Kanlungan ng Sining, Rizal Park, Manila.  

11.    All accepted entries would be featured on the 61st AAP Annual Art Catalogue 2008.  However, due to limited exhibition space, entries will be pre-screened by a 
panel of judges.  Only entries, which pass pre-screening, will be exhibited in the above venues. 

12.    All decisions by the Board of Judges are final. 

13.    PRIZES:
Major Categories (Painting, Sculpture and Mixed Media)
    1st Prize                Php 50,000 Cash + Trophy
                2nd Prize              Php 30,000 Cash + Medal
                3rd Prize               Php 20,000 Cash + Medal
Special Categories (Art Photography and Drawing)
                Best Entry              Php 10,000 Cash + Medal
Honorable Mention Awardees will be awarded with Plaques.
14.    AWARDING:  The Awarding Ceremony will be announced at a later date. 

15.    EXHIBITION:  Exhibition will follow the Awarding Ceremony. 

16.    RETRIEVAL:   Retrieval of non-winning entries will be from 
January 10 to February 10, 2009 in the same venue the entries were submitted.  Painting and Mixed Media entries shall be retrieved at the GSIS Museo ng Sining, while Sculpture, Art Photography and Drawing entries shall be retrieved at the Kanlungan ng Sining.  All entries not retrieved within the period shall automatically become property of the AAP.  

17.    AAP shall not be held legally liable for any damages to entries as a result of the competition or the failure of the participant to follow the rules and regulations.  

18.    Submission of entries signifies acceptance of the rules and regulations of the competition.
•    Any pigment on ground e.g. oil / acrylic on canvas, watercolor on paper, tempera on board, etc. 
•    Dimensions: 30x40 inches, excluding frame.  Vertical or horizontal orientation.
•    Three dimensional artwork in the round, using any material or technique 
•    Dimensions:  Maximum of 4 feet or within the volume measure of 60 cubic feet.  100 kilos maximum weight.
Mixed Media
•    Assemblage, collage, decoupage, relief panel with found objects, etc. 
•    Dimensions:  30x40 inches with maximum thickness of 6 inches from the wall.  Vertical or horizontal orientation.  25 kilos maximum weight.
Art Photography
•    Photographs should be original, unpublished and taken during November 2007-
November 2008.  The participant must be the original author and sole owner of his or her photo entry/is. 
•    Dimensions:  11”x17” inches or A3 Size.  Vertical or horizontal orientation, full color or black and white printed on photo paper.  Photographs should be framed and ready for hanging upon submission. 
•    Medium could either be film or digital, but no entries on disk or e-mail will be accepted. 
•    Alterations after exposure - 
digital darkroom, painting, airbrushing, paste-on or assembly are not allowed.  Creative effects must be done in-camera at the time of exposure, such as multiple exposure, flash fill, light painting, filtration, etc. 
•    Creative effects or minimal digital manipulation such as enhancement of color and contrast is allowed, but paste-ups and collages are prohibited. 
•    Person(s) appearing in the photograph should have a signed release form supplied and kept by the artist.  
•    Graphite, 
pen and ink, ball pen, charcoal, colored pencils on paper 
Dimensions:  21 x 29 inches excluding frame. Vertical or horizontal orientation.

For details and inquiries, please call 
(632) 4960992 or text 09209208149. You may also drop by the AAP Office and Gallery, Kanlungan ng Sining, Rizal ParkManila.  You may also post your questions at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/aapartists/ or http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Pinoy-AAP/     

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