Monday, July 4, 2022

Call for Submission: SEA Lit Circle Writers Workshop

The SLC Writers Workshop is now open for submissions. If you have a poem, short story, script, or any other literary work you want to improve on or get people's honest and constructive feedback on, SEA Lit Circle can help. Our community is composed of experienced writers, aspiring writers, and avid readers that are committed to helping other people tell their stories and produce stronger literary works.

The SLC Writers Workshop is a special program of the Writers Club, and it will workshop all submitted entries on our website. To get the feedback you're looking for, as well as a supportive group of writers behind you, join SEA Lit Circle and submit to the Writers Workshop.


WORKSHOP WEEK: July 17 onwards (to be scheduled based on each author's availability).

Thursday, June 30, 2022

Call for Entries: Fifth Wall Fest Competition 2022 (3rd edition)

As the Philippines’ first international dance film festival continues to gain momentum towards its 3rd edition, works that challenge artistic experimentation between dance and film are invited to enter the FIFTH WALL FEST Competition 2022

Friday, June 10, 2022

Malacañang confers 8 new National Artists for 2022

Malacañang Palace declared eight ( 8 ) new National Artists for 2022, namely Agnes Locsin for Dance, Salvacion Lim-Higgins for Design (Fashion), Nora Villamayor a.k.a Nora Aunor, Ricardo “Ricky” Lee and Marilou Diaz-Abaya for Film and Broadcast Arts, Gemino Abad for Literature, Fides Cuyugan-Asensio for Music, and Antonio “Tony” Mabesa for Theater.

On June 10, 2022, Malacanang Palace, upon joint recommendation of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) and the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP), officially announced the eight ( 8 ) new National Artists by virtue of Proclamation no. 1390.

The Order of National Artist, established under Proclamation no. 1001 signed in 1972, is the highest national recognition conferred upon Filipinos who have made distinct contributions to the development of the Philippine arts and culture.

For more information about the Order of  National Artist Awards, visit

Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Word Games to keep boredom away

Who wouldn’t love online games? Nowadays, they aren’t only for the young ones but also for the young-at-heart. They are truly entertaining especially if you find games that you love to play over and over again. If you want to take a break from work or household chores, there are websites offering free online games that you can easily access. More than just card games, these sites offer classic online games and the word games are the best choices for online interesting games that all ages can enjoy playing with online.

Monday, June 6, 2022

5th EPIFF European Philippine International Film Festival | June 10-12, 2022

The National Commission for Culture and the Arts, through its Sentro Rizal – International Cultural Affairs Office (SRICAO) renews its partnership with The Philippine Italian Association (PIA) for the 5th Edition of the EPIFF European Philippine International Film Festival 2022.

Wednesday, June 1, 2022

How does Credit Counselling Work?

Image courtesy of OpenCashAdvance

A lot of people dive into the decision of getting a loan without proper planning which is why it goes out of control most of the time. When that happens, they need a service of professionals to help them manage their debt which is called Credit Counselling. This essential service assists borrowers to get out of debt through the help of experts called credit counsellors. These people know how to establish a repayment plan that the borrower can afford. They know how much of a monthly payment a borrower can afford, how many months it will take to repay the loan and if the borrower is eligible for bankruptcy or not. Also, they can help people avoid getting into more debts in the future.

Thursday, May 19, 2022

SMDC: Building places Filipinos can call home

A home, to which one can call their own, is one of the most fundamental human needs for survival. In building one’s family, buying housing or investing in property is often a crucial discussion that takes into consideration price, location, amenities and even the environment as these all impact the way people and families live and grow and how communities thrive in the long-run.

Recently, the many changes brought by the COVID-19 pandemic has caused Filipinos to reassess the way they live, work and reside. The topic on home ownership and residential space has only become much more prominent as its impact towards one’s physical, social and emotional wellbeing was emphasized when companies shifted to work-from-home setups and schools introduced blended learning. It has become likely that up and coming homeowners are looking for new and affordable housing that responds to the new realities of school and work, as well as a healthier and more self-sufficient lifestyle.

For leading real estate developer SM Development Corporation (SMDC), the residential arm of SM Prime Holdings, satisfying personal needs and meeting basic survival for the homeowners of today can be done through meaningful and strategic planning and property development. 

Over the years, SMDC has been continuously redefining residential spaces to bring accessibility, convenience, function, style and sustainability in the face of evolving trends and lifestyle changes—assuring prospective buyers of the great value that SMDC properties offer.

This means presenting a range of residences located in prime urban and suburban communities, conveniently situated near major road networks and transportation hubs, and designed to reflect SM’s commitment to luxurious urban living. SMDC properties bring commercial retail shops, entertainment venues, banks and leisure facilities closer to residents against a backdrop of lush and walkable spaces. Such open spaces encourage homeowners to dwell outside and take a break from the isolation that has become a norm lately, and allow residents to safely interact with their neighbors. These spaces also provide amenities that promote a healthy lifestyle among the residents. 

Across the available properties, prospect homeowners are able to choose their housing type to fit their own or their family’s needs and functions with units ranging from studio rooms to deluxe two-bedroom suites. On top of being able to customize their living spaces, state-of-the-art facilities such as 24-hour security and CCTV system, fire alarm system, numerous WIFI-ready zones and standby generator set ensures continuous function and prime livability. 

However, SMDC’s promise not only pertains to providing a greater quality of life, but to also have its communities take an integral role in their commitment towards sustainability. SMDC aims to promote many green living practices by designing walkable and transport-friendly developments, introducing energy-saving and eco-friendly green buildings and encouraging effective waste management programs among residents. For the property developer, homes are seen as a legacy for future generations and should be built for sustainability and for ease in future modification.

With developments still ongoing and more projects in the pipeline, SMDC allows homebuyers the opportunity to have the home of their choice. Through its affordable investment and flexible payment options, new families or young millennials will be able to live independently in communities that cater to their specific needs.

With its ability to empathize and understand current housing needs while having the foresight to address evolving requirements, SMDC continues to create sustainable and resilient living spaces for Filipinos to call their own.

Friday, May 13, 2022

What to consider when buying a house

courtesy of Honer Homes

In our lifetime, we make a lot of financial decisions. One of the biggest and the riskiest is buying a house, therefore we must be very careful before buying one. Even if you feel you're ready to take this big leap, careful planning is crucial. There are a lot of considerations to make to have a smooth home buying experience. Searching for your dream house can be a bit daunting, therefore let me share a few tips to make house hunting easier, exciting and hassle-free.

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

SM PRIME leads with Green Buildings for Sustainable Cityscapes

Cities continue to shape the way we live our lives – from shifting to greener lifestyles choices to reducing overall carbon emissions to help save the planet. The successful shift to greener cityscapes begin with the construction of green buildings, providing smart innovations that work with the environment and promote the well-being of the people who use these spaces on a daily basis.

According to a study made by the US Green Building Council, green buildings can reduce carbon emissions by around 40% on average, water consumption by around 30% and waste generation by around 70%. Beyond the environmental benefits, green buildings also help meet social needs by enhancing spaces, protecting human health, empowering differently-abled members of the community to take active participation and ensuring access to basic services at reasonable rates. Economic benefits can be felt as well with green buildings commanding higher rent potentials, encouraging ‘greenovation’ and promoting cultural and recreational activities without harming the environment.

Committed to making every day living better, SM Prime has taken the lead in incorporating sustainability and resiliency in its designs, making each component work together as a fully-integrated city of the future.

“Constructing greener buildings provides holistic solutions not only reducing emissions but also promoting social well-being.” shares Hans T. Sy, SM Prime Holdings Chairman of the Executive Committee. “We see this in our developments which drives us to build greener and even retrofit our existing malls to meet green standards.”

Among SM’s developments, a number boast of receiving LEED Gold certification while others are in the process of certification such as the SM Baguio expansion, SM North EDSA BPO offices, SM Megamall Mega Tower and SM Retail Corporation, to name a few.

SM Aura
The iconic SM Aura at the Bonifacio Global City is a mixed-use development that incorporates retail, trade halls and a Grade A office tower. The LEED Gold Certified mall promotes resource efficiency, green mobility and green landscapes.

SM Aura Bicycle Racks
. Cycling is encouraged with accessible bicycle storage, cyclists’ shower rooms and convenient access to safe lanes to public transit.

SM Aura Premier Park
. The SM Aura Premier Park covers over 55% of the building, uses recycled water and provides enough room for plants to grow while protecting the building and people from heat.

SM Aura LEED GOLD Certification
SM Aura uses 16% less than conventional buildings through a high- performance building envelope that reduces solar heat while allowing sufficient sunlight. Through low flow water sensor and metering faucets, it also reduces 1/3rd of its potable water use. Only low emitting materials were used as paint, adhesive sealants and floor materials.

Conrad Manila
Known as a lifestyle center, Conrad Manila is LEED Gold Certified. The hotel is designed with a dramatically-formed angular structure that houses a stylish 347-room hotel, spa and function space while S Maison  is home to a swathe of smaller, more bespoke outlets for brands.

Bicycle racks at the Conrad Manila
Luxury Means Green Mobility. Boasting of high-end luxury experience, Conrad Manila remains environmentally friend by providing preferred parking slots for low emitting fuel efficient vehicles, car-sharing vehicles and special parking spaces and facilities for cyclists.

Eco-Friendly Materials.
Locally manufactured and recycled materials and products were used whenever possible with more than 80% of the project’s construction waste recycled. Filtration systems maintain a minimum efficiency rating of 90% to eliminate airborne particulates.

Conrad Manila LEED Gold Certification
Resource Efficiency. Conrad Manila is designed to reduce energy around 12% less than American energy standards. Its water heating system recovers heat from the chiller condensers to produce hot water while its ventilation system recovers the coolness from the exhaust air, returning that into the building. The hotel is outfitted with occupancy sensors, tinted with low emissivity insulated glass to keep heat and noise out,

Going beyond the LEED Certification, SM Engineering and Design Development, the mall’s design and construction arm has implemented these sustainable design strategies on the following projects:

SM Baguio Sky Garden
SM Baguio brings outdoor and indoor as one space optimizing natural lighting and ventilation with the Sky Garden. It has a green roof system as well as a provision for an underground water reservoir for storage and reuse of rainwater with a capacity of 4,389 cubic meters.

SM Seaside Cebu
SM Seaside Cebu mall goers can enjoy an extensive green area, center courtyard and roof garden. Constructed with low glass and utilizes EchoStop for noise management, the building is designed to maximize natural light and ventilation.

SM Lanang Sky Garden
SM Lanang Premier showcases lush greens, a roof garden and green pavers that encourage filtration and allow stormwater back to the underground soil. It is equipped with a rain water catchment system and a water reservoir with a 546-cubic meter capacity based on 425mm per hour rainfall intensity. It also has a materials recovery facility which receives, segregates and prepares recyclable materials for marketing to end-user manufacturers.

SM Masinag Holding Tank
SM City Masinag helps communities avoid flood waters through its 15,033 cubic meter water catchment facility. It is designed with green screens to promote vertical plant growth and is constructed with Clerestory windows as a source of natural light.

SM North EDSA Solar Panels
SM North Edsa is one of the pioneers of the use of solar panels. It is also the first to have the Sky Garden and elevated parks.

The Mall of Asia
SM Mall of Asia is uniquely designed with a seawall to avert any damage from potential storm surges or seal level rise. Built on reclaimed land, it used an excavation method providing a greater degree of protection against liquefaction and seismic events. It is also elevated above the required building levels and is equipped with wave return and drainage channel to prevent flooding due to storm surges and high waves.

SM Marikina sits on 246 stilts and is built 20 meters beyond the compliance for safety zone. At 20.5 meters above natural ground level, it serves as a first responder and a place of refuge for the residents of Marikina during times of calamities.

SM Marikina on stilts
Today, real estate investors, both for business and personal use, have grown to prefer spaces that support sustainability agendas of the growing population. Pursuing green building standards support the public’s aspiration for more sustainable communities that are designed for environmental and social well-being. SM Prime believes that it is important for developers to work with communities on addressing climate change and achieving shared aspirations – a greener, more sustainable cityscape for all to enjoy.

“Creating a more sustainable way of life requires a sustainable backdrop that supports the shift. At SM Prime, our passion is to create one that is sustainable and resilient for the life we want for today and the future,” Mr. Sy said.

Saturday, March 26, 2022

Call for Applications: 3rd La Salle National CNF Writers’ Workshop for Doctors

The Third La Salle National CNF Writers’ Workshop for Doctors of the Bienvenido N. Santos Creative Writing Center (BNSCWC) is open for applications from physician-writers.  The workshop will be held during Thursday and Friday evenings (6:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m.) from July 7 to 22, 2022 via Zoom.

The workshop is part of BNSCWC’s efforts to boost collaborations and critical/creative exchanges between scientists and artists; to train medical practitioners (who have the potential to write or who already have manuscripts) in the art of life-writing; and to help immortalize the stories and contributions of our front-liners to this nation especially during these precarious times.

Marjorie M. Evasco, DLSU’s Writer-in-Residence and Professor Emeritus of Literature, is the project director.  She will be joined by doctor-writers Dr. Lance Isidore Catedral and Dr. Joey A. Tabula in the panel.  The workshop shall consist of six synchronous sessions on Thursday and Friday evenings across three weeks.   Fellows will be given craft lectures by physician-writers, and will be offered writing prompts for possible writing projects that may be taken up on the last session.

Applicants are asked to submit at least one nonfiction narrative or personal essay ranging from 2500 to 3500 words in either English or Filipino. 

Ten fellows shall be chosen for this workshop.

Application requirements are as follows:

A PDF of a short resume, with a page containing applicant’s ID photo and complete contact information (residence address, email address, contact number).

DOCx file of the CNF piece following this file format:  surname and first key word of the work.

Please submit the application portfolio by May 15, 2022 via Google Forms:

Chosen fellows shall be informed about their selection by June 5, 2022 and must confirm their participation by June 15. Press release for the final list of fellows shall be sent out by June 30, 2022.

For inquiries, please email